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Clean mountain, clean heart

Time:2020-12-22   Author:ABPower   Browse:

In the early morning of winter, when people were still immersed in the warm bed, our team members gathered under Lianhua Mountain at 7:30 am, ready to start the clean mountain activity.

ABPower colleague clean mountain.jpg

We are collected by a common mission, no matter young and old,  no matter where you are coming from.

This activity, our team members had persisted for more than 3 years; Along the way, there is not a lot of garbage, I am glad that people's habits are getting better and better;

Look! 2 girls are so happy to pull out the rubbish hidden deep in the grass.

2 girls cleaning.jpg

Small kid is also not to be outdone, the mountain echoed around the younger sister's voice: "Daddie, garbage"...

Ha ha, do not understand if she is saying her father is garbage or puting garbage to her daddie's bags~

This Little girl is the most shinning star in Jing Shan team today!

Small girl good.jpg

Young Hang has participated in activities for many times. He not only running here and there to collect garbage, but also took pictures for others. At the same time, When he find team member is not feeling well, He 's preparing hot tea and poured water for teammates. A warm boy!

Hang help.jpg

Mountain climbing is also a good time to share our recent life: The boss of xx company died suddenly due to excessive pressure at the age of 50. XX likes to shoot the working scene of the photographer works award, he is being interviewed so cannot come today;The little drops of life, such as water in the hearts of people ripples: Although work is valuable , health is higher; If you want to be in a good mood, exercise and chat.

At the same time, take a deep breath of the fresh air of nature, feel the psychological pressure for a week, immediately relieve; See a lively surround, even if the nervous mood, you will feel relaxing a lot!

We are No.1.jpg

Picking up garbage, happying chatting, all the way laughter, unconsciously, two hours we have reached to the top of the mountain.

Come on! take a beautiful photo ~

We get it.jpg


1. Sports + public welfare, making people feel relaxed and happy;

2. It is easy to clean the environment with flowers and trees; It is hard to sweep away the dust in your heart;

To purify people's hearts is the greatest public welfare cause.

3, Heart to the sun, warm and healthy!

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc.