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1 seed

Time:2020-12-14   Author:ABPower   Browse:

On the sunshine Sunday, We had a heart trip to Heyuan City . 

It's the " 1 Seed, 1 Hope" flower and vegetable growing activity!

The important part is: We need to do everything by ourselves. Haha!

Heart salon.jpg

Bussmann distributor heart salon1.jpg

1 group/1 family , 1 meter wide, 3 meters length field, What we can grow? Flower, vegetable, or Hope.......

Bussmann fuse distributor 1 meter field hope.jpg

Before  that, we went to a deep forest to look for the " Treasure".

Kids are very excited to play with butterflies, rearching the valuable plants.

As Beam_Bussmann distributor walk in forest.jpg

Girls and boyes are excited to enjoy the sunshine, taking pictures.

Smell the leaf.jpg

How relax and good smell in the forest!

In the noon,  boyes and girls are playing game and doing the exercise before growing the seeds.

Play game 3.jpg

Play game 2.jpg

Play game 1.jpg

Then the growing start!

In our group there are 4 fields: Look! How these guys are working hard!

Work hard.jpg

This girl likes flowers, all her field are full of  beautiful chrysanthemum!

But if you only know how to grow, That's not enough!

Such as: How to tidy the field to be easy for watering and growing?

When to water the field,  before scatter seed or after?

Do we need to cover the seed with soil after watering?

How to watering the field?

grow flower.jpg

After 2 hours hard trying, we are tired, but happy.

The feeling: Looks so easy, but not easy to act!

Tea time!

Tea time. jpg

Tea time Summary:

1, 1 seed, 1 hope. 

 Feeling: Not only know, but should act.

2,  Help others( Make the temper beautiful), we can gain happiness;

3,  We really need to relax, to smell the natural environment, not limit in the small surrounding;

4,  Team spirit: More people, more effort,  no matter how much work, it can smoothly be solved.

5,  We need to tidy our heart field timely, need to let it full of flowers, not dusty. More listen to sapiential voice.

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc.