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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Where Eaton Bussmann fuse manufactured?-China

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Someone are curious where Bussmann fuse manufactured,

When we see a Bussmann fast acting fuse marks ”China” or “Hungary” and some may”India”, How to tell?



OK, Firstly, today we are opening the veil of Eaton Bussmann Xi’An Plant(called Eaton  Cooper Xi'An fusegear).


Bussmann Xi’An plant is acquired by Eaton on Y2012.Before acquisition, It’s called Cooper Xi’An fusegear Ltd. With brand of Bussmann and  Cooper XR, which is a famous brand in China.

In this plant there only around 400+ staffs. However, the yearly revenue is around $800M in Y2019 which produce most Bussmann and Cooper popular fuses.

Bussmann China plant.png

In Bussmann product line, there are around 8,000+ kinds fuses. Mainly:

1,Bussmann fast acting fuse group. such as:

l  Semiconductor fuse (170M3815,170M8650…);

l  170E fuse (170E2091170E4039…);

l  170F fuse (170F3002, 170F8235…);

l  170L fuse (170L2077, 170L9583…);

l  DC fuse (170M1810…);

l  EV fuse  (EV20-50EV30-400…);

l  BS 88 fuse (100FE…);

100FE_semiconductor fuse.png

l  Cylindrical fuse (FWS-15A20F series);

l  PV fuse (PV-15A10F, PV-25A14F…);

l  North American style fast acting ferrule fuse (FWH-300C, FWP-100A);

l  Modular fuse holder(CHCC1DU, CHM1DU…) and other fuse accessories;

2,Bussmann Time-delay fuse group:

l  LPJ series (LPJ-40SPLPJ-500SP…)

l  NH fuse (35NHG000B, 630NHG3B…)

3,  Bussmann medium voltage fuse

l  10-12KV current limiting fuse (12TDLEJ50, 12TDLEJ63…);

4,  Bussmann Automotive fuse

5, Bussmann solar combiner box

 Bussmann solar combiner box.png

What’s more, this plant share the production line with XR( Cooper Xi’An fusegear) on:

1, Medium voltage fuse

l  3-3.6KV current limiting fuse (SDLDJ-3.6kV/40A…);

l  6-7.2KV current limiting fuse(SDLDJ-7.2kV/20A, WFNHO-7.2kV/160A(-C)…);

l  10-12KV current limiting fuse(SFLDJ-12kV/63A, WFNHO-12kV/100A(-M)…);

l  36-40.5KV current limiting fuse(XRNP6-40.5/1-31.5-1, XRNP6-40.5/0.5-31.5-3…);

2,  Semiconductor fuse

RSG-1 1000V/100A-P

3,  Low voltage fuse

   Same parameters, fuse ratings, fuse chart as NH fuse. Such as:

   NH 35NHG000B fuse cross reference: RT16-00 500V/35A


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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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