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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

4 tips on EV contactor Bussmann

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1, What's the problems of over current protection in electric vehicle high voltage system?

The high voltage circuit of electric vehicle mainly relies on the combination of load controller, fuse and contactor for overcurrent protection. When the load controller is in good situation, the over-current can be turned off by its own functions, but when the load controller is in abnormally situation, fails or fails on the line, it is mainly protected by fuses and contortionists.

 Therefore, the reliability and integrity of the "fit" between contactor and fuse is particularly critical and important.

At present, the common problems are as follows: 

The capacity of the contactor itself to cut off the overload fault current is low, and the fault current cannot be cut off safely; While the general fuse to overload fault current fuse protection for a long time, the system line can't tolerate that cause aging line fault cannot be truly effective protection effect, or because the use performance of faulty fuse specifications, the type of fuse is not breaking overload fault current arc jet or explosion caused serious accidents.

EV charger contactor Bussmann.jpg

2, Why Eaton Bussmann release DC contactor on EV market?

Bussmann is in group of Eaton.

  • Eaton electrical group is with  100+ years experience of design research and development and production of contactor, circuit breakers, switches and vacuum arcing ability of technology and product application experience; All these provide strong technical support for the birth of EVC DC contactor;

  •  Bussmann subsoiles in electric vehicle related applications for more than 20 years; Fully aware of the characteristics and "pain points" of the application of fuse protection and contactors in the high voltage system of electric vehicles, the integrated product solutions of EV series fuses and EVC series contactors can simultaneously take into account and solve the key technology and application problems of overcurrent protection and control and short-term tolerance in the line

  •  Eaton Bussmann ability of comprehensive technical support, regardless of the customers in the contactor selection, fuse selection or "contactor and fuse match" portfolio selection, it can provide perfect application technology consulting and product solutions;This is not "comparable" to other fuse or contactor manufacturers.

EVC 250 contactor.png

3, How Eaton Bussmann contactor match Bussmann EV fuse in EV system?

Bussmann fuse in the application of EV system is with a wealth of experience, according to the Bussmann consistent selection method to fuse specification is selected, the selection of fuse need not again for the specifications of the contactor, and directly according to fuse and contactor matches table directly elected for use;

And at the same time conform to the fusing machine system, and the characteristics of the contactor "match" the contactor specifications. 

Also, Bussmann provides a "one-stop" solution to save customers the cost and consideration of repeatedly studying and verifying fuse or contactor matching performance.

4, What's the Bussmann EV fuse and EVC contactor combination for fault current protection range?

  •  Bussmann EV series can fuse reliable breaking 2 * In * (1.35) In ~ 20 ka (50 ka) between any fault current;

    And when the fault current is less than 8kA (measured value), it can also protect the EVC contacter and avoid fusion welding of the contact. (* 8kA non-fusion welding product scheme is under development)

  • Bussmann EVC contactor is with  8 * breaking In the ability of fault current, when the fault current is less than 6 In,  the contactor can be reliably broken under the operation of the control loop;

EV fuse EV contactor matching curve.png

  •  When Bussmann EV fuse and EVC contactor combined application, as shown in the above fuse reliable breaker protection fault current under 8 ka, controlled by the BMS contactor coordinated with fuse protection, for the small value of fault current can be directly by the contactor within set time breaking protection, so as to avoid delay too long and not only by the fuse protection in the defects of protection.

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc.