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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

DC charger parts shortage, How to solve this problem?

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With EV exploring demand and government encouragement, EV charger market, as a rigid demand, should match EV drivers' need no matter at home or public location.

This is a EV charger market chart from Y2021 to Y2030.  We can see clearly the trend is increasing rapidly.

Electrical Vehicle charger market Y2021 to Y2030.jpg

(Picture source:

To keep 28% increasing every year,  EV charger manufacturers need to take super effort on EV charger part purchasing. But during these 3 years, no matter the electrical parts or mechanical parts , most parts are suffered from shortage due to the Covid and ecnomic.

How to solve this EV charger part shortage problem?

1, Design 2~3 alternative parts as cross reference. 

If this manufacturer part is not in stock, the other model or other 2 models can be backup immediately. Pls check the availablity with part manufacturers or distributor such as ABPower at first.

Especially for electrical parts as: ABB/ Eaton/ Schneider MCCB, Safety relay, Fuse, Contactor, terminal block, Fuse holder etc.

Here is some parts cross reference list we design for some EV charger manufacturers. 

The mechanical parts alternative list is not included in this sheet. 

Pls ask us if you meet any electrical parts shortage. We can give you the proper parts with inventory.


ItemDescriptionManufacturer 1Part No.Manufacturer 2Alternative Part No.Remark
1Safety Relay cross referenceABB2TLA010026R0000EatonESR5-NO-31-24VAC-DCTotally same including the mechanical design and electrical design
21000VDC fuse alternativeHinode1000GH-080BussmannEVK22-80-T4mm shorter.
3RCCB crossEatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NAEatonFRCMM-40/4/003-G/A-NAPerformance same, price different.
4RCCB alternativeEatonFRCMM-63/4/003-G/A-NA
5Residual current circuit breakerABBF204AC-25/0.03EatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NAABB No time delay, easily to misoperation;Type- AC cannot test DC pulse, When Dc current leakage, it will not trip, cannot play a protective role; But can support urgent need.
eaton part with time delay and DC certification.
6Circuit Breaker crossABBF204AC-40/0.03EatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NA
7RCCB ABBF204AC-63/0.03EatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NA
8RCCB part cross referenceABBF204AC-80/0.03EatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NA
9Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) 30mA, 25ASchneiderM9R81425EatonFRCMM-25/4/003-G/A-NAElectrical Performance similar, Need to review mechanical design.
10Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) 30mA, 40ASchneiderM9R81440EatonFRCMM-40/4/003-G/A-NA
11Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) 30mA, 63ASchneiderM9R81463EatonFRCMM-63/4/003-G/A-NA
12Industrial Transformer 1500KVAHammondSP1500MQMJSNCP25260Performance same, Mechanical design similar.
13Fuse cross referenceEaton EVK50-400Bussmann400CBX01S-1000Installation hole distance same,Pls consult ABPower.
141000VDC fuseBussmann400CBX01S-1000Eaton BussmannFWJ-400AInstallation hole distance same,Shape different.Pls consult ABPower.
15160A 1000VDC fuseBussmann160CBX01S-1000BussmannPV-160ANH1-BInstallation hole distance same,Pls consult ABPower.
16160A 1000VDC EV charger fuseBussmannPV-160ANH1-BBussmannFWJ-150AInstallation hole distance same, Shape different.Pls consult ABPower for detail.
17Contactor, DIN Rail, 600 VAC, 4PST-NO, 4 PoleSchneiderLC1DT32BDEatonDILMP20(24VDC)+DILM32-XHI11Similar performance, check dimension
18contactor - 3P(3 NO) - AC-3 - <= 440 V 12 A - 24 V DC coilSchneiderLC1D12BLEatonDILM12-10(24VDC)+DILM32-XHI11
19FUSE class CC 8A 600VAC/300VDC 10x38mmBussmannFNQ-R-8LittelfuseKLDR008Alternative, same dimension, similar performance
20300VDC 8A class CC fuseLittelfuseKLDR008MersenATQR8Alternative
21Terminal BlockBussmannTB300-03 + X31903ElinkerTB1-2503-A-130-00ABoth with terminal block UL certification
22Fuse blockLittelfuseL60030C-2PQBussmannBCM603-2PQSame performance and dimension
23Modular fuse holder crossLittelfuseL60030C-2PQBussmannCHCC2DUSame performance, Dimension need to review

2, Keep safety stock for most key parts such as IC, Breakers,  Safety relay, Fuses, Contactors, Connectors.

Normally 2~3 months demand stock should be considered ahead of production.

Or you can find some distributors with safety stock to other EV charger customers. Since the DC fast charger performance is similar, they can share  the Part Numbers and stock.

3, Source 2~3 suppliers for your key electrical/mechanical part.

For famous part manufacturers such as Eaton, ABB, Bussmann, Schneider etc, Each distributors have unique advantage parts.  ABPower focus on electric power parts, Other distributor may focus on electronics parts.

So the leadtime, price will be different. Depends on the part type.

4, Better to use famous part manufacturers

Such as Eaton, ABB, Schneider etc, they are big group, also with numbers of distributors. It'll be easier to find the stock in market.

For small manufacturers, due to the raw material shortage problem( Such as platics shortage), Raw material companies will supply mainly to their key customers (Eaton , ABB etc) , Then other customers. Because the quantity and long term relationship.

Or small companies need to find some raw material with losing quality to support market. But from the surface you cannot find it.

5, Double check the part number if active in part manufacturer

Sometimes when it's coming to EV chargers' end, engineer find that the part number has already end of life. This will take more time to find the alternative part when in implementation stage because you will need to revaluate the part in user side. This takes longer time, cost and effort. And with effect on original plan.

If can double check on part manufacturers' website or ask their distributor, it will help a lot.

For example, electrical part manufacturer Digi, part: WR11-M600-DE1-XB, this number has been end of life when you check on official website.

There is no fix ways on part supplying, only you can find the right source. Feel free to let us know any questions on EV charger parts.

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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