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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Supercapacitors Offer New Possibilities for Future Energy Storage Model

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Super capacitor


Supercapacitors are no longer an unfamiliar term in the field of energy storage. They are a general term for electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs), electrochemical capacitors, electrochemical supercapacitors and supercapacitors, which can be used as a single energy source or with other energy sources. Used in combination to form a hybrid energy storage system. Supercapacitors have absolute advantages in applications that require instantaneous high-current high-power output, long-life backup power, or a large number of charge-discharge cycles. It can be said that their wide range of applications can be used in cloud computing, consumer electronics, energy, industry, medical and transportation. The energy storage mode provides more options.


Four key characteristics of supercapacitors

Supercapacitor and Battery.png


Eaton's six supercapacitor categories


Eaton has long established a layout in the field of supercapacitors to provide button-type supercapacitors, cylindrical cells, modules, module systems, large cells and hybrid supercapacitors to empower new energy storage needs in all walks of life. These ultracapacitors utilize an Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) structure and are made from new high-performance materials, a combination of advanced technologies that enables Eaton to offer a wide variety of capacitor solutions tailored to specific applications – with current values ranging from several From a few microamps for a day to hundreds of amps for a few seconds, these products have extensive global certifications.


NO.1 Button Supercapacitor

Button Supercapacitor.png


Capacitance value range from 0.1F to 1.5F, operating voltage up to 5.5V;


Operating temperature up to 85°C;


Ideal for real-time clock backup and battery replacement;


Available in horizontal, vertical and cylindrical mounting configurations.


NO.2 Cylindrical small monomer

Cylindrical small monomer.png

For mounting on printed circuit boards, capacitance values range from 0.22F to 110F, and operating voltages up to 3.0V;


-40°C to +85°C operating temperature range with voltage derating;


Product family optimized for low DC resistance (HV, TV) and high temperature life (HB);


Up to 20 years of service life (depending on voltage and temperature).


NO.3 Cylindrical large monomer

Cylindrical large monomer.png


Capacitance value range from 275F to 3400F, operating voltage up to 3.0V;


Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C with voltage derating;


Low DC ESR for maximum efficiency and power;


Optimized for integration into modules for various applications.


NO.4 Hybrid Supercapacitor

Hybrid Supercapacitor.png

Ultra-high capacitance, energy density up to 10 times;


Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C with voltage derating;


Small footprint and space saving (8mmx14mm to 16mmx25mm package size)


Wide operating temperature range (-25°C to +70°C);


Low ESR and low leakage current to maximize efficiency.


NO.5 Module

Supercapacitor Module.png

Modules composed of multiple monomers are easy to integrate into large-scale high-voltage and high-energy systems;


Meet the application requirements of rack installation or harsh environment;


Operating voltage 16V to 69V with integrated cell balancing, temperature monitoring and monitoring;


Among them, XLR-LV can be used in high-reliability "green" solutions such as generators, material handling systems, wind turbines, transportation systems, etc.; XLM can be used as backup power in data centers.


NO.6 Mod system

Supercapacitor Mod System.png

With XLM-62 module as the core component, 10 units are connected in series to increase the distribution voltage, which can be integrated with large-scale UPS systems;


Working voltage 360V to 570V;


Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C;


A highly reliable and flexible energy storage solution that delivers fast-response, extremely high peak power in a small footprint.





The need for fast charging, downsizing, and a reliable source of energy storage has also grown dramatically in recent years due to the proliferation of IoT and mobile devices. In addition, with the world's emphasis on climate change and the setting of the "Dual Carbon Goals", all walks of life are seeking to increase the use of new energy/clean energy, and a strong, eco-friendly solution is particularly important.



Eaton's line of supercapacitors, with their wide range of models, high power density, long life, and environmental friendliness, are ideal for mission-critical active backup power applications such as data centers, industrial plants, medical facilities, and more.


In addition to backup power sources, they can also be used for intelligent measurements in utilities, household energy and other fields; provide stable and reliable power for applications that require short-pulse power in electronic communications; form a hybrid energy storage system with batteries to meet the needs of electric vehicles in different complex power requirements under conditions.


Our modular products can provide customized solutions for specific application scenarios such as transportation systems, renewable distributed energy integration, microgrids and power system transmission and distribution.

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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