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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Class L Fuses| Fuse Cross Reference(Bussmann, Mersen, Littelfuse)

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A Class L Fuse is a specific type of electrical fuse designed for heavy-duty applications requiring high-current protection. Class L Fuses are often used in industrial settings to safeguard large electrical circuits and equipment from overcurrent situations.

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Here are some key characteristics of Class L Fuses:

High Current Rating: Class L Fuses typically have high ampere ratings, ranging from 601 to 6000 amps. This makes Class L Fuses suitable for protecting large motors, transformers, and industrial machinery that demand substantial amounts of electrical power.

Class L Fuses High Interrupting Rating: 

Class L Fuses are capable of safely interrupting or stopping high fault currents without causing damage to the electrical system. This feature is crucial in preventing damage to equipment and ensuring safety.

Class L Fuses Physical Size: 

Class L Fuses are physically larger compared to standard fuses. This larger size allows them to handle higher currents and dissipate heat effectively.

Types of Connections of Class L Fuses: 

They often come with blade-type or bolt-on connections, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Class L Fuses Application: 

These fuses are commonly used in heavy industrial environments where high-power electrical equipment is employed. This includes manufacturing plants, large machinery, and commercial facilities.

It's crucial to select the correct fuse type and size based on the specific requirements of the equipment and the electrical system to ensure proper protection and safety. Incorrect selection or installation of fuses can lead to equipment damage, electrical fires, or other hazards. Consulting with electrical engineers or professionals is advisable for the proper selection and installation of Class L Fuses in industrial settings.

Class L fuses are fuses used for main switches and feeders of maintenance switchboards, bolted pressure contact switches, main circuits of motor control centers, branch circuits of large motors, primary and secondary protection for transformers, and protection of power circuit breakers.

All major mainstream fuses, such as Bussmann, Littelfuse and Mersen, have Class L Fuse. Currently, due to capacity issues and material shortages, there may be delays in factory delivery. Today, I list these Class L Fuses Models here so that you can choose and replace them.

Time-delayFast ActingTime-delayTime-delay
A4BY601KTU-601KRP-R-601SPKLPC601Class L Fuses 600VAC 601A 
A4BY650KTU-650KRP-R-650SPKLPC650Class L Fuses 600VAC 650A 
A4BY700KTU-700KRP-R-700SPKLPC700Class L Fuses 600VAC 700A 
A4BY750KTU-750KRP-R-750SPKLPC750Class L Fuses 600VAC 750A 
A4BY800KTU-800KRP-R-800SPKLPC800Class L Fuses 600VAC 800A 
Class L Fuses 600VAC 801A 

Class L Fuses 600VAC 850A 
A4BY900KTU-900KRP-R-900SPKLPC900Class L Fuses 600VAC 900A 
A4BY1000KTU-1000KRP-R-1000SPKLPC1000Class L Fuses 600VAC 1000A 
A4BY1100KTU-1100KRP-R-1100SPKLPC1100Class L Fuses 600VAC 1100A 
A4BY1200KTU-1200KRP-R-1200SPKLPC1200Class L Fuses 600VAC 1200A 
A4BY1400KTU-1400KRP-R-1400SPKLPC1400Class L Fuses 600VAC 1400A 
A4BY1500KTU-1500KRP-R-1500SPKLPC1500Class L Fuses 600VAC 1500A 
A4BY1600KTU-1600KRP-R-1600SPKLPC1600Class L Fuses 600VAC 1600A 
A4BY1800KTU-1800KRP-R-1800SPKLPC1800Class L Fuses 600VAC 1800A 
A4BY2000KTU-2000KRP-R-2000SPKLPC2000Class L Fuses 600VAC 2000A 
Class L Fuses 600VAC 2001A 

KTU-2400KRP-R-2400SPKLPC2400Class L Fuses 600VAC 2400A 
A4BY2500KTU-2500KRP-R-2500SPKLPC2500Class L Fuses 600VAC 2500A 
A4BY3000KTU-3000KRP-R-3000SPKLPC3000Class L Fuses 600VAC 3000A 
A4BY3500KTU-3500KRP-R-3500SPKLPC3500Class L Fuses 600VAC 3500A 
A4BY4000KTU-4000KRP-R-4000SPKLPC4000Class L Fuses 600VAC 4000A 
A4BY5000KTU-5000KRP-R-5000SPKLPC5000Class L Fuses 600VAC 5000A 
A4BY6000KTU-6000KRP-R-6000SPKLPC6000Class L Fuses 600VAC 6000A 

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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