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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Amphenol Sine Energy Storage connector

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 Series offering

1. 2 shell sizes (2pin power + 2pin signal) 


2. HVIL built-in integrated design

ATHP_conneceor 2.jpg

3. High power applicatio

4. 2.5mm & 8mm contact sizes
5. Rated voltage of 1000V

6. Current rating: 20A~180A

7. Plastic inserts with flammability rating of UL94, V-0

1.Quick lock and press-to-release designATHP 1 POSITION SERIES
2.360°rotating plug ATHP_connector 1.jpg
3.Various termination option (Threaded, Crimp, Busbar)
4.Compact robust design
5.Rated voltage of 1000V AC/DC
6.8.0mm contact, 50mm2 @ 180A 35mm2 @ 130A 25mm2 @ 120A 
7.Mating cycles: 200+
8.IP67 rated in mated condition
9.Operating Temperature: -40°C to +130°C
10.Flammability Rating: UL94, V-0

ATHP series Technical Performance

Design to meet the requirements of SAE-J2030 standard for lock structure,

ATHP Series is arugged thermoplastic power connector series featuring the surety and high performance contacttechnology of RADSOK®. 

Designed for various “xEV” and Storage applications,

ATHP is IP67 andavailable in single or two-pole housings with rated current from 20A to 180A. 

ImageATHP connector Amphenol.jpgATHP. AmphenoljpgATHP. Amphenol jpg
Housing Body Thermoplastic
ContactsBrass, Silver-platedBrass alloy, Gold, Silver & Tin
Brass, Silver-plated
 Wire Range/mm250mm32.5mm34.0mm26.0mm525mm335mm250mm3
Current Rating180 A20A25A35A123 A130 A180 A
Cable OD Range15.5-~16.5mm4.8~5.8mm & 6.5~7.5mm9.6~11.0 mm10.7~11.7 mm14.2~15.2 mm
Rating Voltage1000V AC
Contact Resistance< 0.3mQ< 2mQ< 0.3mQ
Test Voltage3000V
Minimum Mating CyclesNo electrical or mechanical defects after more than 100
cycles of engagement and disengagement.
No electrical or mechanical defects
after more than 200 cycles of
engagement and disengagement.
HVIL & ShieldedOptional NA
Insulation Resistance5000 megohms minimum at 25°C
Vibration ResistanceNo unlocking or unmating. Exhibits no mechanical or physical damage after sinusoidal vibration
levels of 20G’s at 10 to 2000 Hz in each of the three mutually perpendicular planes. No electrical
discontinuities longer than 1 microsecond.
Thermal CycleNo cracking, chipping or leaking after 20 test cycles from:
-40°C to*130°C-40°C to*130°C-55°C to+125°C
RoHS CompliantYes

RADSOK® Techinical Data

High Reliability

Unique RADSOK® design and construction technology create an electrical contact interface that exceeds typical interconnect requirements.Applications in Aerospace,

 Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Mining, Offshore and other harsh environments depend on high reliability of theAmphenol RADSOK® technology.

Low Contact Engagement/Separation Forces

The hyperbolic lamella socket contact construction distributes normal forces over a high percentage of the mating surface. 

This creates asmooth, even engagement effort. This force distribution also contributes to excellent performance in vibration applications with resistanceto typical fretting corrosion.

Low Contact Resistance

The large interface between the socket lamella and pin surface result in very low contact resistance,

 enabling the RADSOK® contacts’ highcurrent ratings compared to traditional power contact designs.

High Mating Cycle Durability

RADSOK® contacts with typical silver plating finishes have demonstrated survival of 10,000 mating cycles. 

Even with continuous exposure toharsh environmental abuse (salt, sand and high humidity), 

RADSOK® contacts have been tested to maintain low contact resistance beyond10,000 mating cycles.

Amphenol  connector.png

 connector .jpg

RADSOK® Contact max. current carrying capacity meet DIN EN 60512 specification60512 specification.
Shell sizeApplicable Cable Contact Platingcurrent (AC)/Indoor temperature
12 (3.6mm)10mm2, 16mm2 Silver Plated65A (10mm2), 86A (16mm2)
14 (6.0mm)25mm2 Silver Plated120A (25mm2)
16 (8.0mm)35mm2, 50mm2 Silver Plated130A (35mm2), 180A (50mm2)
20 (10.0mm)50mm2, 70mm2, 95mm2 Silver Plated180A (50mm2), 250A (70mm2), 300A (95mm2)

ATHP  Plug

Plug part number Picture Cable OD Range Description
ATHP062S08EL16-50S1ATHP  connector.jpg15.5-16.5mm With HVIL and Shieling
ATHP062S08EN16-50S1Without HVI.With shielding
ATHP062S08NN16-50S1 Without HVIL and shielding
ATHP062S08NL16-50S1 With HVIL. Without Shielding

ATHP Receptacle

Receptacle part 


ATHP042P08EL16-50 connector Amphenol.jpgWith HVIL and Shieling
ATHP042P08NL16-50Without HVIL andshielding
ATHP042P08EL16-H1Amphenol  connector jpgWith HVIL and Shieling
ATHP042P08NL16-H1Without HVIL andshielding

ATHP Mini  

Plug (match with socket contact)

Plug part numberPictureCable ODRangeDescription

 connector _Amphenol .jpg

6.5~7.5mmWith HVIL andShieling
ATHP062S25EL*-S24.8~5.8mmWith HVIL andShieling

Receptacle (match with pin contact)

Receptacle part 


ATHP042P25EL*Amphenol_connector .jpgWith HVIL and Shieling

Suitable contact

 Contact size/Current Wire Range Machined Pin P/N Machined Socket P/N Stamped & Formed Pin P/N Stamped & Formed SocketP/N
2.5mm (35A)106MP10B23XMS10B23xN/AN/A
2.5mm (25A)N/A4N/AN/ASP12A1X-10SS12A1X-10
2.5mm (23A)14-122.5 〜3.5N/AN/ASP12A1XSS12A1X

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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