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I love you, Mummy/ Daddy

Time:2021-09-10   Author:ABPower   Browse:

On Jan 2, 2021, Sunshine Home voluteers get up very early, we need to attend an outdoor heart salon : 

I love you, Mummy/ Daddy.

ABPower love you.jpg

Also grow some flowers to the mountain!

Look, our volunteers are getting the flower out from bus.


This is a different heart salon which we are in a 600 years forest and a mountain.  We need to get over some difficulities to reach the plateform on the top of the mountain.

ABPower climb the mountain .jpg

On the way to mountain, we also need to find the "Treasure", which is the valuable words better for heart.

ABPower find treasure in Bamboo forest .jpg

ABPower heart words .jpg

What's the heart words you are getting?

1,  You should be happy at first, then you can bring the other people happiness;

2,  When you are caring more people not thinking of getting from people,  then you can reduce the disappointment and distress on Dispution;

3,  Success comes from not pride, Progress is coming from Studying; 

4, The hope of happiness and Healthy is not coming from the others to you, but your own effort;


When comes to the top of the mountain, our game starts!

Game 1: Whose hands

Baby's eyes are covered with the cloth, then to touch many Mummy and Daddy's hands, then, when you feel it's your Mummy/Daddy's hand, Pls stop on her/his side.

ABPower touch Mommy hand .jpg

This looks like a funny game, however, it's a very severe test to kids and parents ( How long kids and parents not playing together? )

When some kids find her Mummy, She's super happy!

ABPower super happy.jpg

But some kids are very sad to crying .......

ABPower not my Mum .jpg

From this game, We think that Mummy, Daddy, baby, all get something......

The next round, Big friends are also very happy to play some games!

ABPower big friends .jpg

Happy time on mountain!

Bussmann fuse.jpg

In the afternoon, People need to do some real healthy work- 

Grow Flower to Mountain

ABPower grow flowers.jpg

Mountain is beautiful for you guys!

4PM, Going back to home and work.  Bye Beautiful Mountain!

People's feedback: 

" Wish every day could be so Happy!"

"Thanks for volunteer's hard work!"

" A Very significative activity!"


ABPower Shunshine Heart Home Vision:  Let the sunshine come into heart!

Looking forward to the next heart salon.......

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc.