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What do you do on weekend?

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What do you normally do on weekend? 

Have a good sleep? Go out with friends? Let's see how As Beam team is doing on weekend.

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On Sunday 6 AM, when most people are in sweet sleep, we have been on the way to the market, to buy the alive animals, There are fishes, frogs, loachs, tortoise, chicken kids......Do you know why we buy this?

6:30, Driving to the river!

7:00, Chant sutras to them, then to SET THEM FREE! Look, how happy they are!

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We, our families, our friends, even someone we donot know, more and more people join us.

Why we do this?

1, To grow our compassion

We are alives, they are the same. How can we take away their life?

If they are our parents, our kids, our lovers, do we want to kill them?

we are good friends.png

2, Education to the people around us.

Most of times, Adaults and kids are together with electrical devices: Pad, Phone, laptop... They have less direct communication experience with people, they are becoming cooler and cooler hearted; This is a good chance, all people do the same thing, people share the feeling,The purpose is to show them: Their is not only love between people, but love between animals.  

3, Grow the good reason

We know that: No pains, no gains.

Only when we grow the good reason, we can get good results. Even we do not know when the good result will come, we can catch every chance to grow the good reason, do good things to all, someday, the result will come. 

Such as you will feel happy every day, your life and working is in smooth rythem. Your love is sweet, Your surrouding friends is friendly.

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4, To payout makes us happy

We are used to getting, but we are not used to payout.

To payout every week, this will reduce our bad habit of always thinking of getting; From time to time, our ”self-centered" will be less, this will helps for your more understanding between friends, to improve our communication and surroundings with friends.

You will feel happier when payout! 

When someone feedbacks you with a smile, do you feel happy?

When you bring this happy emotion to family, do your family members happy? 

Your small action may make a whole environment around you happy and good changing, isn't it the biggest value we can bring to our family and friends?

Baby Smile.jpg

5, More benefits

Our good example can have an influence on people around us. More people join in to protect their lives. How many ills it can reduce( Remember how CV-19 is coming)?

The moment we get up, we are overcoming ourselves. Isn't it? No matter it's sunny or rainy,  The team is with such a good spirit, do things together, we will be a great team!

Team Spirit.jpg


No matter which country you are in, join us! Set animals free is set us free!

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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