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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

UPS fuse

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UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a high-quality standby power supply system device used to ensure the uninterrupted operation of electrical and electronic equipment.

There are 2 modes when UPS is working: 

  • Mains mode:

Mains mode is the normal working state of UPS. UPS rectifies the input mains power (AC - > DC) and boosts it (DC - > DC),

After inverter (DC - > AC), it is transformed into stable and reliable power output; At the same time, the rectifier also charges the battery, which is in Parallel floating charge state. The work flow diagram is as follow:

UPS work flow.png

  • Battery Mode:

When the mains mode is interrupted, UPS will work in battery mode.

The battery supplies AC power to the communication device through the inverter.

Work flow as below:

UPS diagram.png

Which fuse is used in UPS?

1, FWH  semiconductor fuse 500 VDC, 500VAC ,fast acting

Typical PN's : FWH-100, FWH-600

FWH-500VAC/DA Series

2, 700 VDC/ 700VAC FWP high speed semiconductor protection fuse 

Typical PN's : FWP-100, FWP-350, FWP-600.

FWP series -bussmann-700VAC/DA Series

3, 700VDC/AC Bussmann 170M semiconductor fuse, fuse ratings 10~400AMP

Typical PN's : 170M1368, 170M1322, 170M2612, 170M2619


4, 800VDC/AC 170M IGBT fuse Bussmann high speed fuse

Typical PN's : 170M1760, 170M1742, 170M1779

170m-igbt-750vdc fuse

5, BS88 fuse: 1000 VDC/AC Bussmann fast acting fuse

700 VAC / 500VDC, 240VAC / 150VDC, IEC semiconductor protection fuse 

Typical PN's :  10CT, 80ET, 100FE,  160EET, 200FEE, 300FM, 400FMM, 300MT, 180MMT, 20LCT, 80LET, 450LMT,  900LMMT


6, 170M fast blow fuse 690vac / 600vdc, 1250vac / 1100vdc series fuse

Typical PN's :  170M3070, 170M4115, 170M5016, 170M6018, 170M6021


7, BS88 125FE fuse: 500VDC , fuse rated current 125A

Typical PN's : 125FE

BS88 FE Series products 500 Vdc/125A

BS88 FE Series products 500 Vdc/125A

8, C10G50-PCB is directly welded to provide overcurrent protection for module input.

▪ Rated Voltage: 500Vac

▪ Rated Current: 50A

▪ IR: 20kA/380Vac

▪ Agency InformationUL248-14

▪ Meet the lightning protection level: 5 times for positive and negative of differential mode 10kA 8 / 20 and 5 times for positive and negative of common-mode 10kA 8 / 20;


9, FWL 14x51mm fuse, fuse voltage: 1100 VDC , fuse current: 32A

Typical PN's : FWL-32A14F


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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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