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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Xpole pfim - Residual Current Circuit Breaker - Eaton

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XPole PFIM Type F residual current circuit breaker

xPole PFIM Type F residual current circuit breaker.png

Residual current circuit breaker PFIM

Product Description

Design standard: IEC61008, GB16916.1

Rated voltage: 230/400V AC 50Hz

Rated current: 16-100A

Rated leakage current: 10, 30, 100, 300mA

Rated short-circuit strength: 10kA (with backup protection device)

Number of poles: 2P, 4P

Tripping time: instantaneous type, G type (delayed type), S type (optional type)

Protection sensitivity: AC type (AC type), A type (AC and DC pulsation type)

Electromechanical life: ≥ 20000 times

Contact status indicator: Yes

Isolation function: Yes

Installable accessories: auxiliary contact, alarm contact, etc

Terminal block structure: double terminal structure is adopted on both sides, and busbar and independent conductor can be connected at the same time

Terminal wiring capacity: conductor: 1.5-35mm ²; Busbar thickness: 0.8-2mm

Certification mark: CE, CCC

PFIM series earth leakage circuit breaker without overload protection

PFIM series earth leakage circuit breaker without overload protection.jpg

Product DescriptionOrder No. Part No.Quantity
AC type, conditional surge current protection to 250A, instantaneous type
PFIM,16A,2P, 10mA,AC, 294241 PFIM-16/2/001 1
PFIM,25A,2P,30mA,AC, 294242 PFIM-25/2/003 1
PFIM,25A,2P, 100mA,AC, 294243 PFIM-25/2/01 1
PFIM,25A,2P,300mA, AC, 294244 PFIM-25/2/03 1
PFIM,40A,2P, 30mA,AC, 294245 PFIM-40/2/003 1
PFIM,40A,2P, 100mA,AC, 294246 PFIM-40/2/01 1
PFIM, 40A,2P,300mA,AC, 294247 PFIM-40/2/03 1
PFIM,63A,2P,30mA,AC, 294248 PFIM-63/2/003 1
PFIM,63A,2P, 100mA,AC, 294249 PFIM-63/2/011
PFIM,63A,2P,300mA, AC, 294250 PFIM-63/2/03 1
HIM,80A,2P30mA,AC, 294251 PFIM-80/2/003 1
PFIM,80A,2P, 100mA,AC, 294252 PFIM-80/2/011
PFIM,80A,2P,300mA, AC, 294253 PFIM-80/2/03 1
PFIM,100A,2P,30mA,AC, 102910 PFIM-100/2/003-AS 1
PFIM, 100A,2P,100mA,AC, 102911 PFIM-100/2/01-AS 1
PFIM, 100A,2P,300mA, AC, 102912 PFIM-100/2/03-AS1

Product DescriptionOrder No. Part No.Quantity
Type A, conditional surge current protection to 250A, instantaneous type
PEIM,16A,2P,10mA, A,  294254PFIM-16/2/001-A 1
PFIM,25A,2P,30mA,A,  294255PFIM-25/2/003-A 1
PFIM,25A,2P,100mA,A,  294256PFIM-25/2/01-A 1
PEIM,25A,2P,300mA,A,  294257PFIM-25/2/03-A 1
PFIM,40A,2P,30mA, A,  294258PFIM-40/2/003-A 1
PEIM,40A,2P,100mA,A,  294259PFIM-40/2/01-A 1
PFIM,40A,2P,300mA,A,  294260PFIM-40/2/03-A 1
PFIM,63A,2P,30mA, A,  294261PFIM-63/2/003-A 1
PFIM,63A,2P, 100mA,A,  294262PFIM-63/2/01-A 1
PFIM,63A,2P,300mA,A,  294263PFIM-63/2/03-A 1

PFIM,25A,4P,30mA,A, 294282 PFIM-25/4/003-A 1
PFIM,25A,4P,100mA,A, 294283 PFIM-25/4/01-A 1
PFIM,25A,4P,300mA,A, 294284 PFIM-25/4/03-A 1
PFIM,40A,4P,30mA,A, 294285 PFIM-40/4/003-A 1
PFIM,40A,4P,100mA,A,S 294286 PFIM-40/4/01-A 1
PFIM,40A,4P,300mA,A, 294287 PFIM-40/4/03-A 1
PFIM,63A,4P,30mA,A, 294288 PFIM-63/4/003-A 1
PFIM,63A,4P,100mA,A. 294289 PFIM-63/4/01-A 1
PFIM,63A,4P,300mA,A. 294290 PFIM-63/4/03-A 1
PFIM,80A,4P,30mA,A, 294291 PFIM-80/4/003-A 1
PFIM,80A,4P,100mA,A, 294292 PFIM-80/4/01-A 1
PFIM,80A,4P,300mA,A, 294293 PFIM-80/4/03-A 1
PFIM,100A,4P,30mA,A, 102919 PFIM-100/4/003-A-AS 1
PFIM,100A,4P,100mA,A, 102920 PFIM-100/4/01-A-AS 1
PFIM,100A,4P,300mA,A, 102921 PFIM-100/4/03-A-AS 1

AC type, conditional surge current protection to 3kA, delay type G
PFIM,25A,2P,30mA, AC,Type G294264PFIM-25/2/003-G1
PFIM,25A,2P,100mA,AC,Type G  294265PFIM-25/2/01-G1
FIM,40A.2P. 30mA,AC,Type G294266PFIM-40/2/003-G1
PFIM,40A,2P,100mA,AC,Type G  294267PFIM-40/2/01-G1
PFIM,40A,4P,30mA,AC,Type G  294294PFIM-40/4/003-G1
PFIM,40A,4P,100mA,AC,Type G294295PFIM-40/4/01-G1
HIM,63A,4P. 30mA,AC,Type G  294296PFIM-63/4/003-G1
PFIM,63A,4P,100mA,AC,Type G  294297PFIM-63/4/01-G1

AC and A type, conditional surge current protection to 5kA, selective type S
PFIM,40A,2P, 100mA,AC,S-type294268 PFIM-40/2/01-S1
PFIM,40A,2P,300mA,AC,S-type294269 PFIM-40/2/03-S1

PFIM,25A,4P,100mA,A,S-type294298 PFIM-25/4/01-S/A1
PFIM,40A,4P,100mA,A,S-type294299 PFIM-40/4/01-S/A1
PFIM,40A,4P,300mA,A,S-type294300 PFIM-40/4/03-S/A1
PFIM,63A,4P,100mA,A,S-type294301 PFIM-63/4/01-S/A1
PEIM,63A,4P300mA,A,S-type294302 PFIM-63/4/03-S/A1
PFIM, 80A,4P,300mA,A,S-type294303 PFIM-80/4/03-S/A1
PFIM,100A,4P,300mA,A,S-type102924 PFIM-100/4/03-S/A-AS1

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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