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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Eaton Moeller Xeffect Series RCB FRCMM

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Residual current switch series without overload protection:


Earth leakage circuit breaker series with overload protection:


Type AC : conditional surge current protection to 250A, instantaneous type

Type A: Conditional surge current protection up to 250A, sensitive to pulsed DC components, instantaneous type

Type G: Conditional surge current protection up to 3kA, minimum 10ms delay

Type G/A: conditional surge current protection up to 3kA, sensitive to pulsed DC components, minimum 10ms delay

Type S: Conditional surge current protection up to 5kA, with selectivity, minimum 40ms delay

Type S/A : conditional surge current protection up to 5kA, sensitive to pulsed DC components, with selectivity, minimum 40ms delay


• A complete spectrum of compact residual current devices for a wide range of applications

• For fault current/residual current protection and additional protection

• Wide variety of nominal currents

• Comprehensive range of accessories

• Real contact position indicator

• Automatic re-setting possible

• Classified for the use in rail rolling stock

FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-16/2/003
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-16/2/01
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-16/2/03
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-16/2/05
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-25/2/003
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-25/2/01
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-25/2/03
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-25/2/05
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-40/2/003
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-40/2/01
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-40/2/03
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-40/2/05
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-63/2/003
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-63/2/01
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-63/2/05
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-80/2/003
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-80/2/01
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-100/2/003
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-100/2/01
FRCMM, 16A, 4P 30mA, AC  FRCMM-16/4/003
FRCMM, 16A, 4F, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-16/4/01
FRCMM, 16A, 4P 300mA, AC  FRCMM-16/4/03
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-16/4/05
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-25/4/003
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-25/4/01
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-25/4/03
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-25/4/05
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-40/4/003
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 100mA, AC  FRCMM-40/4/01
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-40/4/03
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-40/4/05
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-63/4/003
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-63/4/03
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-63/4/05
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-80/4/003
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-80/4/03
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-80/4/05
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 30mA, AC  FRCMM-100/4/003
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 300mA, AC  FRCMM-100/4/03
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 500mA, AC  FRCMM-100/4/05
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-16/2/003-A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-16/2/01-A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-16/2/03-A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-16/2/05-A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-25/2/003-A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-25/2/01-A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-25/2/03-A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-25/2/05-A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-40/2/003-A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-40/2/01-A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-40/2/03-A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-40/2/05-A
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-63/2/003-A
FRCMM, 63A, 2F, 100mA, A  FRCMM-63/2/01-A
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-63/2/05-A
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-80/2/003-A
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-80/2/01-A
FRCMM, 100A, 2P 30mA, A  FRCMM-100/2/003-A
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-100/2/01-A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-16/4/003-A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-16/4/01-A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-16/4/03-A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-16/4/05-A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-25/4/003-A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-25/4/01-A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-25/4/03-A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-25/4/05-A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-40/4/003-A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 100mA, A  FRCMM-40/4/01-A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-40/4/03-A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-40/4/05-A
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-63/4/003-A
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-63/4/03-A
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-63/4/05-A
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-80/4/003-A
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-80/4/03-A
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-80/4/05-A
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 30mA, A  FRCMM-100/4/003-A
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 300mA, A  FRCMM-100/4/03-A
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 500mA, A  FRCMM-100/4/05-A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-16/2/003-G
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-16/2/01-G
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-16/2/03-G
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-25/2/003-G
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-25/2/01-G
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-25/2/03-G
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-40/2/003-G
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-40/2/01-G
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-40/2/03-G
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-63/2/003-G
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-63/2/01-G
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-80/2/003-G
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-80/2/01-G
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-100/2/003-G
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-100/2/01-G
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-16/4/003-G
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-16/4/01-G
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-16/4/03-G
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-25/4/003-G
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-25/4/01-G
FRCMM, 25A, 4R 300mA, G  FRCMM-25/4/03-G
FRCMM, 40A, 4R 30mA, G  FRCMM-40/4/003-G
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 100mA, G  FRCMM-40/4/01-G
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-40/4/03-G
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-63/4/003-G
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-63/4/03-G
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-80/4/003-G
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-80/4/03-G
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 30mA, G  FRCMM-100/4/003-G
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 300mA, G  FRCMM-100/4/03-G
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/2/03-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/2/03-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/2/03-G/A
FRCMM, 63A, 2F, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-63/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-63/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-80/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-80/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 100A, 2P 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-100/2/003-G/A
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-100/2/01-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/4/01-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-16/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/4/01-G/A
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-25/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 100mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/4/01-G/A
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-40/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-63/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-63/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-80/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-80/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 30mA, G/A  FRCMM-100/4/003-G/A
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 300mA, G/A  FRCMM-100/4/03-G/A
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-16/2/01-S
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-25/2/01-S
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-40/2/01-S
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-63/2/01-S
FRCMM, 80A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-80/2/01-S
FRCMM, 100A, 2P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-100/2/01-S
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-16/4/01-S
FRCMM, 16A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-16/4/03-S
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-25/4/01-S
FRCMM, 25A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-25/4/03-S
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-40/4/01-S
FRCMM, 40A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-40/4/03-S
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 100mA, S  FRCMM-63/4/01-S
FRCMM, 63A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-63/4/03-S
FRCMM, 80A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-80/4/03-S
FRCMM, 100A, 4P, 300mA, S  FRCMM-100/4/03-S
FRCMM, 16A, 2P, 100mA, S/A  FRCMM-16/2/01-S/A
FRCMM, 25A, 2P, 100mA, S/A  FRCMM-25/2/01-S/A
FRCMM, 40A, 2P, 100mA, S/A  FRCMM-40/2/01-S/A
FRCMM, 63A, 2P, 100mA, S/A  FRCMM-63/2/01-S/A

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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