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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

What is EV fuse? Top 3 why EV fuse is important

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What is EV fuse?

EV fuseelectric vehicle fuse , we select it in electric cars . But do you know what is EV fuse ? Why not use  dc fuse  but  EV fuse ? What's the difference between EV fuse and DC fuse or  low voltage fuse ?


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EV fuse is different because of challenging EV circuit, Electric Vehicle industry standard, safety standard, fuse size etc. We'll discuss from following 3 points:

EV fuse standards

Standards are most important factors for fuses. Related industry standards is a "must" for fuses. EV fuse, following standard is a must:

Automotive Standard for electric vehicles:

• AECQ200

• JASO D622 - Japan

• SAE J2781

• ISO 8820-1

• ISO 8820-8

For fuses to be automotive qualified, fuse manufacturers have to meet automotive industry standards throughout the manufacturing and testing process. 

Bussmann electric vehicle power fuse is designed to:


ISO 8820-8

Power fuse catalog for Bussmann

500VDC fuse, rated current 350-1000A,


Fuse rated VoltageFuse rated currentFuse Catalog No.

Fuse typical Part No.

500 VDC350A~600AEV40-(amp)EV40-450

1000VDC fuse, rated current 15~600A, 

Fuse Rated VoltageFuse Rated CurrentFuse Catelog No. Fuse Typical Part No.
1000 VDC15 A~ 30AEVK10-(amp)EVK10-15-T
35A ~ 50AEVK14-(amp)EVK14-40-T
60A~ 80AEVK22-(amp)EVK22-80-T
70A~ 120AEVK25-(amp)EVK25-90
125A ~ 200AEVK30-(amp)EVK30-125
225A ~ 300AEVK40-(amp)EVK40-300
350A ~ 400AEVK50-(amp)EVK50-350
450A ~ 600AEVK60-(amp)EVK60-600

Part Number:   EVK10 -(amp)-T,  EVK14 -(amp)-T,  EVK22 -(amp)-T, EVK25-(amp), EVK30-(amp), EVK40 -(amp),  EVK50-(amp),  EVK60 -(amp).

UL Standard

What does it UL standard mean to electric vehicle market?

As we know  EV charging  is the most important part in electric cars, EV charing must meet EV charging standard and safety certifications.

ANSI/UL 2202 Electric Vehicle Charging System Device (AC to DC)

ANSI/UL 25942 Electric Vehicle Supply Device (AC to AC)

ANSI/UL 22512 Electric Vehicle Plugs, Receptacles and Couplers

UL 2580 Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles ( Check here on EV DC Fuse in EV Battery Pack Design )

Battery is the super key part in Electric Vechicle, for Electric car battery iteself, UL 2580 is a must; For power fuse which used in car battery , UL248-20 is the related must factor. This is a fuse standard in low voltage fuse for electric vehicle ;

If electric car OEM want to sell EV's in US market, UL is a must;

If EV chargers manufacturers want to sell EV chargers in US market, UL is a must.

Eaton  Bussmann 1000VDC  power fuse, not only designed to meet:

• ISO8820-8 

• JASO D622

But also  UL248-20.

Why this is so important? It protect people's safety.

CSA standard, CE standard

CSA standard 

CSA standards are safety standards in Canada for electrical equipment.

CE stanard

CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet Europe safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are sold in Europe market.

Bussmann EV fuse , rated voltage in  500VDC,  700VDC,  800VDC,  1000VDC, are all with CE marking.

ev fuse.png

Some of  Bussmann fuses  are with CSA standard, pls consult:

if you need  EV fuse which need to use in CSA market.

Automotive OEM requirement

The challenge in EV applications is that the conditions are often outside the researched behaviors or even outside the requirements of the standard itself.

Awareness of OEM test spec. in earlier time is essential for  EV fuse  selection.

In this case, fuse design manufacturing experience is very important for EV fuse.

EV fuse either it's widely tested and used by OEM, or works with OEMs directly on design.

Bussmann EV fuse , is used in BMW, Ford, Porsche, Tesla etc OEM. not only It's with more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, but strong design and customize ability.

EV fuse size

There are following EV fuse sizes:

Normally you can select base on performance, space, rated voltage and current, installtion way to check the best fuse.

Check here on more fuse size



Why EV fuse is important in the Electric Vehicle circuit?

Unlike industrial fuse applications, EV fuse often work with a relay or breaker to cover low and high short circuit currents.

Typically application is the relay deals with the low overload currents and EV fuse-link deals with high magnitude short circuits.

EV fuses, as part of a larger system will have to meet coordination requirements such as the selective coordination between multiple fuses in the circuit as well as between the contactor/relay. 

The latter, can be rather challenging.

Once the EV fuses have been selected as individual parts based on the current carrying capability, they more often than not have to coordinate with the contactor/relay during a fault scenario. The challenge is that the EV fuses will have to be quick enough to operate well before the contactor would either overheat or exceed its breaking condition, but the EV fuses should also have to be slow enough to survive currents due to the rigorous driving profiles in electric vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle, Because of it's with so much benefit to personal and society( Check here on EV benefit), will be more and more popular, Automitive market forecast that Y2022 will be a EV explode year.

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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