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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Which Energy Storage Company Bussmann work with?

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Eaton Bussmann, as it’s the top fuse manufacturer to release   Energy storage system fuse. We’ve been working with multiple  energy storage system  manufacturers to design DC/DC  circuit  protection fuse solutions.


Which energy storage companies Bussmann is working with? 

1, Sungrow Samsung SDI

Sun inverter, Sungrow  ESS , Sungorw Samsung SDI  Energy Storage System is one of the top 10  ESS companies in the ESS industry.

2022 Jan, Sungrow and Enlight Renewable Energy signed the most significant energy storage project in Israel, providing a 430MWh new generation of 1500V liquid-cooled  energy storage system.

Energy storage company.png

Bussmann CBMG series fuse  keeps used in circuit protection. 

Energy storage system DC fuse bussmann.png

2, ABB

ABB ,a key energy storage integrator. It is the global partner with  Bussmann . All  ABB  Energy storage systems, inverters, PV  combiner box, everywhere you can find Bussmann thyristor fuse.

Energy Storage company ABB.png

Which fuse is  ABB  mainly using in  ESS ?  170M customized fuse.

Bussmann thyristor fuse 170M.jpg

3, Nextera energy

NextEra Energy, As the world’s largest generator of wind and  solar energy . They plan to develop 2.8GW US  battery storage system  through 2024.

Samsung SDI is Nextera’s supplier on  ESS .  Bussmann fuse  is very widely used.

In PV Combiner Box, Bussmann  PV-15A10F ,  PV-15A10F85L  with  fuse holder :  CHPV1U ,  CHPV141U , CH221DU,  CHCC3DIU  etc;


In PV inverter,  Bussmann 170M fuse 

170m bussmann fuse.jpg

In  Battery Energy Storage System ,  Bussmann ESS3 ,  ESS5 series fuse .

cbmg bussmann fuse.jpg

4, DTE Energy

Bussmann  170M6689  semiconductor protection  fuse is used in PV inverter installation.

ABPower is working closely with DTE Energy for  ESS fuse  proposals.

bussmann fuse 170m6889.jpg

5, Tesla

As we know, Tesla energy storage solutions projects are mainly focused on Tesla  electric vehicles , including the Powerwall and Powerpack  batteries .

Most fuse Tesla uses are customized  Bussmann DC fuse .

bussmann dc fuse .jpg

6, RISEN Energy

Risen Energy is a photovoltaic company from wafers to modules, a manufacturer of off-grid systems, and also an investor, a developer, and an EPC of PV projects. 

Bussmann provides fuse solution on  ESS  projects in Australia.

 ESS5-2500A DC fuse  with max breaking capacity= 250kA , Pre-arcing I2t > 4MA2s.

ess5 bussmann fuse.jpg

There are more  fuse solutions Bussmann provide to  energy storage companies.  Any questions regarding  ESS fuse  selection, Pls consult us at

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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