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What's the electric vehicle Benefits?

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With Electric Vehicle industry technology development fast in around 10 years, there are more and more people are intersted in buying electric cars.Because not only there is personal ecnomic benefits, but social benefits to the whole society.

Let's have a look the electric car advantages:

Performance benefits of electric cars

The Electric cars can activate in 4 seconds,which is quicker than gas car in middle price level; We can have strong feeling when start from the traffic lights.The EV is like a wind leave the gas car behind.

The surface of the Electric vehicle is very smooth like chocolate, when we see them, it makes us feeling very happy.When a person is happy, He/She will bring the good feeling to families, friends, all people around. 

It's much quieter staying in EV than in gas car.When start up, for gas car, there will be some noice, but for EV, just like gentleman, quiet and nice.

The design is more functional:Automatic driving/intelligent connectivity configuration,Some models with Chassis, it is equipped with a front double fork arm + rear multi-link aluminum alloy suspension, in the air suspension (optional) under the support, chassis dynamic performance is quite excellent. 

In the piling project, the suspension supports the body very well, so that  it can maintains a good attitude of the body. 

For the driving on road, It's a very relaxing and pleasant driving experience. Some models like Lantu Free Up to 5 driving modes, always find the right switch pedal sensitivity and kinetic energy recovery strength. The steering feel is light, the chassis is solid, and the suspension is well adapted to small bumps and vibrations on the road.


Tax benefits of electric cars

From Forbs: In US, from Y2021, A Bigger Tax Credit For Going Electric Vehicle: What It Means For Consumers? Lower cost can buy better Electrical cars, The same budget, you will have more EV model choice.

For Europe countries, They release very encouraging policy to strength the Electric cars promotion.

CroatiaIncentive scheme: €9,200 for electric cars and €4,600 for hybrid carsExemption from special environmental tax for electric vehicles.-
EstoniaBonus of €5,000 for the purchase of a full‐electric car or van with a price below €50,000.--
FinlandIncentive of €2,000 for households to purchase or lease a new electric car with value ≤€50,000.Minimum rate for zero‐emission vehicles.
GermanyAn ‘innovation bonus’ temporarily increases the environmental bonus for new and used electric cars. €9,000 bonus for electric cars with net list price ≤€40,000. €6,750 for hybrid cars. €7,500 bonus for electric cars with net list price >€40,000. €5,625 for hybrid cars.10‐year exemption for BEVs and FCEVs registered until the end of 2020Reduction of the taxable amount for electric cars.
Greece15% cashback on the price of electric cars of up to €5,500, plus extra €1,000 if an old car is scrapped. 25% cashback for electric taxis of up to €8,000 , plus extra €2,500 if an old taxi is scrapped.Exemption for cars emitting less than 90g CO2/km.Exemption for electric and hybrid cars emitting up to 50g CO2/km with price of up to €40,000.
HungaryPurchase incentives for electric cars: €7,350 for cars with price of up to €32,000. €1,500 if the price is between €32,000€ and €44,000.Exemption for electric and hybrid carsExemption for electric and hybrid cars
ItalyBonus‐malus scheme: Bonus: a one‐off amount of max €6,000 for cars emitting ≤70g CO2/km and a price less than €50,000. Malus: up to €2,500 for cars emitting more than 250g CO2/km.Five‐year exemption for electric vehicles. After this period, 75% reduction of the tax rate applied to equivalent petrol vehicles.-
PortugalBonus for a private person €3,000 to buy a new electric car or van. Companies: €2,000 for cars. €3,000 for vans.Exemption for electric vehiclesAutonomous corporate income tax: Exemption for electric cars and reduction for hybrid cars.
SpainIncentive scheme: Cars: €4,000‐€5,000 for electric cars and €1,900‐ €2,600 for hybrid cars , depending on scrapping of the old vehicle. Vans and trucks: between €4,400 and €6,000, depending on scrapping.Reduction of 75% for electric cars in main cities.-
SwedenClimate bonus: SEK 60,000 for new zero‐emission cars and light trucks. SEK 10,000 for hybrid cars with ≤70g CO2/km. Premium for purchase of new electric buses and trucks.Reduced annual road tax for zero‐emission vehicles.Reduction for electric and hybrid cars of 40%.
United KingdomGovernment grants for: zero‐emission cars up to £3,000, if price is <£50,000.Exemption for zero‐emission vehiclesMinimum rate for zero‐emission vehicles

With these great economic benefits, Young people, some people liking fresh staffs will try.

Here is a data:

In 2020, Tesla received $330M in Electric Cars from China Goverment; BYD received $6 billion over five years.

In USA, Biden's proposed American Jobs Plan included $100 billion in subsidies for EV buyers, House Democrats called for EV subsidies to be included in any final legislation. The proposal calls for $160 billion to fund subsidies and purchase incentives, EV charging infrastructure funding, EV manufacturing incentives, federal EV procurement requirements, and incentives to electrify heavy-duty commercial fleets.

Of cource, Each people who buy this electric vehicle will get this bonus.

Health benefits of electric cars

If more people drive electric cars, there will be less and less exhaust in air.

Found largely in exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide can suffocate you over time. In addition to the risk of death, a number of other pathogens are found in exhaust fumes that adversely affect the body, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. Health risks associated with these pathogens include:

•Damage to bone marrow, spleen, and lymph nodes

•Bloodstream-related issues, including anemia

•Bone marrow harm

•Damage on a cellular level, which can cause various cancers

•Exacerbate heart diseases, due to hypertension

•Cell degeneration in blood vessel walls

•Negative effects to the central nervous system

Social benefits of electric cars

Societal benefits for EVs include national security benefits, better air quality and health, domestic economic development and environmental benefits. 

Most countries are importing petroleum from oversea.When we are driving gas car, we should consider: Does the world have enough oil to meet our future needs?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) International Energy Outlook 2019 (IEO2019), the global supply of crude oil, other liquid hydrocarbons, and biofuels is expected to be adequate to meet the world's demand for liquid fuels through 2050. There is substantial uncertainty about the levels of future liquid fuels supply and demand.

Automotive OEM's are with such social responsibility.


New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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