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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Xpole-x Circuit Breaker PLHTX Series, ISX series

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Eaton Xpole-x PLHTX, ISX.png

Load isolation switch ISX

• Disconnectors operable under load;

• Suitable for use as a main switch in industrial, commercial and residential electrical circuits;

• Contacts have high wear resistance;

• Contact status indicators.


ISX Disconnector

DescriptionModelsPackage Quantity
IS, 50AJPISX-50/112
IS, 63A,1PISX-63/112
IS, 32A, 2PISX-32/26
IS, 40A, 2PISX-40/26
IS, 50A, 2PISX-50/26
IS, 63A, 2PISX-63/26
IS, 80A, 2PISX-80/26
IS,100A, 2PISX-100/26
IS,125A, 2PISX-125/26
IS, 32A, 3PISX-32/34
IS, 40A, 3PISX-40/34
IS, 50A, 3PISX-50/34
IS, 63A, 3PISX-63/34
IS, 80A, 3PISX-80/34
IS, 32A, 4PISX-32/43
IS, 40A, 4PISX-40/43
IS, 50A, 4PISX-50/43
IS, 63A, 4PISX-63/43
IS,80A, 4PISX-80/43
ISJOOA, 4PISX-100/43
ISJ25A, 4PISX-125/43


PLHT Series

The PLHT series of miniature circuit breakers with a breaking capacity of up to 10kA and a maximum rated operating current of up to 125A are used in non-standard distribution boxes of various buildings and mechanical equipment with high power.

• Number of poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P;

• Instantaneous trip characteristics: C, D;

• Rated breaking capacity: 10kA.


DescriptionModelsPackage Quantity
C Type 
PLHTX, 63A,1P,C,15kAPLHTX-C63/12
PLHTX, 63A,2P,C,15kAPLHTX-C63/21
PLHTX, 63A,3P,C,15kAPLHTX-C63/31
PLHTX, 63A,3P+N,C,15kAPLHTX-C63/3N1
PLHTX, 63A, 4P,C,15kAPLHTX-C63/41
PLHTX, 80A,1P,C,15kAPLHTX-C80/12
PLHTX, 80A,2P,C,15kAPLHTX-C80/21
PLHTX, 80A,3P,C,15kAPLHTX-C80/31
PLHTX, 80A,3P+N,C,15kAPLHTX-C80/3N1
PLHTX, 80A, 4P,C,15kAPLHTX-C80/41
PLHTX, 100A,1P,C,15kAPLHTX-C100/12
PLHTX, 100A,2P,C,15kAPLHTX-C100/21
PLHTX, 100A,3P,C,15kAPLHTX-C100/31
PLHTX, 100A,3P+N,C,15kARLHTX-C100/3N1
PLHTX, 100A, 4PC153PLHH-C10Q/41
PLHTX, 125A,1P,C,15kAPLHTX-C125/12
PLHTX, 125A,2P,C,15kAPLHTX-C125/21
PLHTX, 125A,3P,C,15kAPLHTX-C125/31
PLHTX, 125A,3P+N,C,15kAPLHTX-C125/3N1
PLHTX, 125A, 4P,C,15kAPLHTX-C125/41
D Type 
PLHTX, 63A,1P,D,15kAPLHTX-D63/12
PLHTX, 63A, 2P,D,15kAPLHTX-D63/21
PLHTX, 63A, 3P,D,15kAPLHTX-D63/31
PLHTX, 63A, 3P+N,D,15kAPLHTX-D63/3N1
PLHTX, 63A, 4P,D,15kAPLHTX-D63/41
PLHTX, 80A,1P,D,15kAPLHTX-D80/12
PLHTX, 80A, 2P,D,15kAPLHTX-D80/21
PLHTX, 80A,3P,D,15kAPLHTX-D80/31
PLHTX, 80A,3P+N,D,15kAPLHTX-D80/3N1
PLHTX, 80A, 4P,D,15kAPLHTX-D80/41
PLHTX, 100A,1P,D,15kAPLHTX-D100/12
PLHTX, 100A, 2P,D,15kAPLHTX-D100/21
PLHTX, 100A, 3P,D,15kAPLHTX-D100/31
PLHTX, 100A,3P+N,D,15kAPLHTX-D100/3l\l1
PLHTX, 100A, 4P,D,15kAPLHTX-D100/41
PLHTX, 125A,1P,D,15kAPLHTX-D125/12
PLHTX, 125A,2P,D,15kAPLHTX-D125/21
PLHTX, 125A,3P,D,15kAPLHTX-D125/31
PLHTX, 125A,3P+N,D,15kAPLHTX-D125/3I\I1
PLHTX, 125A, 4P,D,15kAPLHTX-D125/41

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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