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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Molded case circuit breaker-Eaton PDC2 series

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Power Defense Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

Molded case circuit breaker-Eaton PDC2 series.jpg


• 90A to 250A 

• Thermo-magnetic circuit breaker 

• Single-magnetic circuit breaker 

• Electronic circuit breaker 

• Disconnecting switch

• Thermo-magnetic circuit beaker

 • Electronic circuit breaker

 • Disconnecting switch Product Description Eaton’s Power Defense MCCBs can safely and reliably distribute, switch and control electrical energy for industry, buildings and machinery manufacturing. They feature innovative protecting conception and offer fault diagnosis and communication.

 • Compact structure, with only four current frames 

• 3P and 4P

 • Rated current up to 800A

 • Multiple mounting methods 

• Broad use, with CE and CCC certifi cations

 • Auxiliary contacts of the same catalogue models are installed at different positions, offering different functions

 • Direct clamping for mounting, saving mounting cost 

• Universal cutout dimensions for different models 

• Automatic adjustment, to locate central position

PDC2 body thermal magnetic type 

Ultimate breaking capacityRated currentOrder No.Part numberOrder No.Part number
25kA @415V125PDC210001PDC23F0125TAAS PDC210021PDC24F0125TAAS
160  PDC210002PDC23F0160TAAS PDC210022PDC24F0160TAAS
200PDC210003PDC23FO200TAAS PDC210023PDC24F0200TAAS
250  PDC210004PDC23FO250TAAS PDC210024PDC24F0250TAAS
36kA @415V125PDC210005PDC23G0125TAAS PDC210025PDC24G0125TAAS
160  PDC210006PDC23G0160TAAS PDC210026PDC24GO160TAAS
200  PDC210007PDC23G0200TAAS PDC210027PDC24G0200TAAS
250PDC210008PDC23G0250TAAS PDC210028PDC24G0250TAAS
50kA @415V125PDC210009PDC23K0125TAAS PDC210029PDC24K0125TAAS
160  PDC210010PDC23K0160TAAS PDC210030PDC24K0160TAAS
200  PDC210011PDC23K0200TAAS PDC210031PDC24K0200TAAS
250  PDC210012PDC23K0250TAAS PDC210032PDC24K0250TAAS
70kA@415V125  PDC210017PDC23N0125TAAS

160  PDC210018PDC23NO160TAAS

200  PDC210019PDC23N0200TAAS

250  PDC210020PDC23NO250TAAS

Isolating switch250PDC210062PDC23S0250SNNS PDC210064PDC24S0250SNNS

PDC2 single magnetic short circuit protection (motor protection)

PolesUltimate breaking capacityRated currentOrder No.Part number
350kA @415V90PDC210067  PDC23K0090MSAS
125PDC210071 PDC23K0125MSAS
160PDC210075 PDC23K0160MSAS
200PDC210079 PDC23K0200MSAS
220PDC2 0083 PDC23K0220MSAS
70kA@415V90PDC2 0068 PDC23N0090MSAS
125PDC210072 PDC23N0125MSAS
160PDC210076 PDC23N0160MSAS
200PDC210080 PDC23N0200MSAS
220PDC210084 PDC23N0220MSAS

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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