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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Eaton AFDD+ Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker

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The Eaton AFDD+ Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker offers a comprehensive protection solution to prevent fires triggered by arc faults, significantly enhancing electrical fire safety in homes. With continuous electronic cable monitoring, Eaton AFDD+ (Arc Fault Detection Circuit Breaker) detects arc faults and automatically disconnects to help prevent residential electrical fires.



Moreover, Eaton AFDD+ eliminates the need for three separate protective devices, combining the functionalities of a residual current circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, and AFDD(arc fault detection device) to protect against electric shocks, overcurrent, short circuits, or arc faults in power cables. AFDD+ provides electricians with a more efficient tool to ensure customer safety, incorporating an advanced arc fault detection device that fully complies with all applicable standards.


Eaton AFDD+(arc fault circuit breaker) is primarily designed for private residences but also suitable for hospitals, daycare facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. In short, it is applicable in any facility where multiple residents (people) may be sleeping or unaware of potential dangers, as well as in facilities that may have difficulty evacuating a large number of people within a short timeframe, such as shopping malls, train stations, and airports. Another application area for arc fault detection devices is in buildings housing valuable and flammable items, such as museums or libraries, where Eaton AFDD+ can be installed anytime.




Utilizing Eaton AFDD+ for Preventive Arc Fault Fire Protection


Eaton AFDD+ utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect arc faults, safeguarding your home from electrical fires. This device offers enhanced electrical fire protection and complies with applicable DIN standard VDE 0100-420, reducing the risks posed by electrical fires caused by arc faults compared to other protective devices that cannot detect arc faults. Arc faults can occur in any household, and AFDD+ provides preventive arc fault fire protection for multi-family residences, functional buildings, and general residential structures.

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Eaton AFDD+ (Three-in-One Protection in the Final Circuit)


l Prevention of series and parallel arc faults

l Short circuit and overload protection

l Residual current protection

l Hazards Caused by Arc Faults


In Europe, over 25% of fires are caused by electrical faults. Traditional protective switch devices can safeguard homes from general fires but cannot prevent fires caused by arc faults, which can occur in any home. There are numerous potential causes of arc faults and the fires they may trigger: cables getting stuck or damaged, pets and rodents chewing through insulation, loosened terminals, nails and screws damaging insulation, aged wiring, cable breaks or interruptions, ultraviolet radiation, bent plugs and cables, and cable overloading and improper installation. Eaton AFDD+ prevents electrical fires by promptly detecting arcs in household wiring.



Eaton AFDD+ Fault Types and Fault Memory:


Type A: Prevents the occurrence of unsymmetrical residual pulsating direct current

Li/A Type: Same as Type A but with a slight time delay. Highly reliable to prevent accidental disconnection.

Fault Memory: Eaton AFDD+ stores the last disconnection cause when an arc fault occurs. By deactivating the detection device, pressing and holding the "T" test button while opening the detection device, the last fault can be queried again.



Eaton AFDD+ Key Features:


l Combines three protective functions in one device

l Arc fault fire protection

l Short circuit and overload protection

l Residual current protection

l Easy assembly in new and existing installations

l Time-saving fault diagnosis through fault code replication

l If a fault occurs, only the affected final circuit is disconnected

l Built-in display indicates device status and disconnection reasons

l User-friendly LED displays fault codes

l High sensitivity digital detection for arc faults, surpassing applicable product criteria to prevent accidental disconnection

l Eaton AFDD+ busbar available as an accessory for flexible installation

l Compliant with guidelines specified in IEC 60364-4-42, suitable for applications adhering to DIN VDE 0100-420 standards.

l Enhanced Protection against Arc Fault Fires

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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