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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

E Rated Fuses in Electrical Systems

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In the realm of electrical engineering, E rated fuses represent a critical component, especially in providing transformer protection within medium voltage systems. These fuses serve as current limiting, general-purpose power fuses, offering vital overload and short-circuit protection.

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E Rated Fuse Characteristics and Applications:

Transformer Protection:

E rated fuses are specifically designed to endure the substantial magnetizing inrush during transformer start-up, ensuring reliable protection in these critical moments.


Variants and Indications of E Rated Fuse:

Available in Bolt In Mount, Clip Lock Mount, and Ferrule Mount versions, these fuses also incorporate blown fuse indication mechanisms, aiding in quick detection and replacement.

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E Rated Fuse Voltage, Current, and Ratings:

With voltage ratings spanning from 2.75kV to 38kV and continuous current ratings ranging from 5E to 450E amps, E Rated fuses cover a broad spectrum of medium voltage applications. Their interrupting rating falls within the range of 50 to 65 kA, ensuring effective protection against short circuits.


E Rated Fuse Standards and Specifications:

UL Listing and Standards: E-rated fuses conform to UL Listing and operate per ANSI C37.46-2000, emphasizing their compliance with industry standards and ensuring reliability and safety.


E Rated Fuse Melting Criteria: Fuses with current ratings of 100E amps or less are designed to melt within 300 seconds at 200% to 240% of the E Rating. Those with ratings over 100E amps have a melting specification of 600 seconds at 220% to 264% of the E Rating.


E Rated Fuse Manufacturers and Offerings:

Leading manufacturers such as Mersen, Bussmann, and Littelfuse offer a range of E-rated medium voltage fuses, providing a variety of options for different applications and specifications.

E-rated fuses stand as essential guardians in medium voltage systems, specifically tailored to meet the demands of transformer protection while ensuring reliable overload and short-circuit protection. Their adherence to industry standards, coupled with diverse specifications and offerings from reputable manufacturers, solidifies their position as indispensable elements within electrical systems.


Mersen, Bussmann, and Littelfuse, among others, continue to innovate and provide a wide array of E-rated fuses, ensuring the safety and stability of medium voltage electrical networks across various industries.

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Selecting the Right E-Rated Fuse:

Understanding Voltage and Current Requirements: It's imperative to comprehend the voltage and current demands of the system to select an E-rated fuse with appropriate specifications.


We may experience shortages of E Rated Fuse for a variety of reasons. And the lead time for the model you need is very long.Then we need to choose other options. For mainstream fuse brands, they usually have the same series of Fuse. Likewise, E Rated Fuse is no exception. I will list Bussmann Fuse Cross Reference, Littelfuse Cross Reference, and Mersen Cross Reference of some E Rated Fuse.


E Rated Fuse Cross Reference(Littelfuse, Mersen, Cooper Bussmann) 

ManufacturerPart NumberInstallation Rated VoltageRated CurrentDimensionManufacturerBussmann PNRated VoltageRated CurrentDimension
MersenA055C1DOR0-200EBolt-in5.5KV 200A 76X358BussmannECL055-200E5.5KV200A
A055F2D0R0-300EFerrule5.5KV 300A76X358BussmannECL055-300E5.5KV300A
5.5KV 350A76X358BussmannECL055-400E5.5KV400A
A155F2DOR0-200EFerrule15.5KV200A 76X358BussmannECL155-200E15.5KV200A
15.5KV200A 76X358BussmannECL155-200E15.5KV200A
38KV65A76*783Bussmann38GXZSJ65E38KV65ADIN 721*88
9F61AGJ20523KV Fuse holder with Tape puller

No need fuse holder from Bussmann fuse installation way

9F61BNW751Fuse Clip

No need fuse holder from Bussmann fuse installation way

9F60DMH00215.5KV fuse holder15.5KV
No need fuse holder from Bussmann fuse installation way

9F61AGG20115.5KV fuse holder15.5KV

No need fuse holder from Bussmann fuse installation way

537*88Bussmann258GXZSJ80E25.8KV80ADIN 537*88
721*88Bussmann258GXQSJ65E25.8KV65ADIN 721*88
700-530Fuse Clip

Bussmann270303Clips for DIN Fuse200A

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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