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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Eaton moeller contactor series-DILM185A~DILH2600A

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Eaton moeller contactor -DILM185A~DILH2600A

Eaton moeller contactor -DILM185A~DILH2600.png 

DILM185A~DILH2600 contactor   Description 

1.DILM contactor not,It can only be reached under the standard AC-3 use category

To the maximum service life, and in AC-4 category

It can also achieve excellent performance

2.The product has security features, such as reverse interlock

Auxiliary contact, safety isolation and accidental connection prevention of

Touch function.

Extremely low power consumption

Low power consumption for pull in and hold, thus reducing,The heat generated in the control cabinet can be used for

Smaller control cabinet. In addition, due to the small use Power transformer and power supply, so further Reduced costs.

DILM185A~DILH2600 Eaton moeller contactor- Low voltage power distribution and industrial control products

DILM, DILH   Contactor 185AOrder No.Part number
xStart contactor 185A 139534DILM185A/22(RAC24)
xStart contactor 185A 139535DILM185A/22(RAC48)
xStart contactor 185A 139536DILM185A/22(RAC120)
xStart contactor 185A 139537DILM185A/22(RAC240)
xStart contactor 185A 139538DILM185A/22(RAC440)
xStart contactor 185A 139539DILM185A/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor DC operation 185A 139540DILM185A/22(RDC24)
Contactor DC operation 139541DILM185A/22(RDC60)
Contactor DC operation 139542DILM185A/22(RDC130)
Contactor DC operation 139543DILM185A/22(RDC240)
xStart Contactor accessories 208292DILM185-XP1

DILM, DILH   Contactor 225AOrder No.Part number
xStart contactor 225A 139544DILM225A/22(RAC24)
xStart contactor 225A 139545DILM225A/22(RAC48)
xStart contactor 225A 139546DILM225A/22(RAC120)
xStart contactor 225A 139547DILM225A/22(RAC240)
xStart contactor 225A 139548DILM225A/22(RAC440)
xStart contactor 225A 139549DILM225A/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor DC operation,  225A139550DILM225A/22(RDC24)
xStart Contactor DC operation,  225A 139551DILM225A/22(RDC60)
xStart Contactor DC operation,  225A 139552DILM225A/22(RDC130)
xStart Contactor DC operation,  225A 139553DILM225A/22(RDC240)
xStart Contactor accessories 101488DILM225-XSL

moeller contactor.png

DILM, DILH   Contactor 250AOrder No.Part number
xStart contactor 250A 208200DILM250/22(RA110)
xStart contactor 250A 208201DILM250/22(RA250)
xStart contactor 250A 208202DILM250/22(RAC500)
xStart DC operation,250A 208199DILM250/22(RDC48)
xStart Contactor coil 208251DILM250-XSP/E(RA110)
xStart Contactor coil 208252DILM250-XSP/E(RA250)

DILM, DILH   Contactor 300AOrder No.Part number
xStart contactor 300A139555DILM300A/22(RA110)
xStart contactor 300A139556DILM300A/22(RA250)
xStart contactor 300A139557DILM300A/22(RAC500)
xStart contactor 300A139558DILM300A-S/22(110-120V50/60HZ)
xStart contactor 300A 139559  DILM300A-S/22(220-240V50/60HZ)
xStart Contactor DC operation,300A 139554  DILM300A/22(RDC48)

DILM, DILH   Contactor 400AOrder No.Part number
xStartx Start contactor  400A 274195  DILM400-S/22(110-120V50/60HZ)
xStartx Start contactor  400A 274196  DILM400-S/22(220-240V50/60HZ)
xStartx Start contactor  400A 208208  DILM400/22(RA110)
xStartx Start contactor  400A 208209  DILM400/22(RA250)
xStartx Start contactor  400A 208210  DILM400/22(RAC500)
xStartx Start Contactor DC operation ,400A 208207  DILM400/22(RDC48)
xStart Contactor accessories  208291  DILM400-XS1
xStart Contactor accessories  101687  DILM400-XHBS1
xStart Contactor accessories  208293  DILM400-XKU-S

DILM, DILH   Contactor 500AOrder No.Part number
xStart Contactor 500A 274198  DILM500-S/22(110-120V50/60HZ)
xStart Contactor 500A 274199  DILM500-S/22(220-240V50/60HZ)
xStart Contactor 500A 208212  DILM500/22(RA110)
xStart Contactor 500A 208213  DILM500/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor 500A 208214  DILM500/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor  DC operation500A 208211  DILM500/22(RDC48)
xStart Contactor accessories  208286  DILM500-XHB
xStart Contactor  Mechanical interlock 208289  DILM500-XMV
xStart Contactor accessories  208290  DILM500-XS1
xStart Contactor  coil 208255  DILM500-XSP/E(RA110)
xStart Contactor  coil 208256  DILM500-XSP/E(RA250)
xStart Contactor  coil 208257  DILM500-XSP/E(RAC500)
xStart Contactor  coil DC operation 208254  DILM500-XSP/E(RDC48)

DILM, DILH   Contactor.jpg

DILM, DILH   Contactor 580AOrder No.Part number
xStart Contactor 580A 178534  DILM580/22(RA110)
xStart Contactor 580A 178535  DILM580/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor 580A 178536  DILM580/22(RAC500)

DILM, DILH   Contactor 650AOrder No.Part number
xStart Contactor 650A 178537DILM650/22(RA110)
xStart Contactor 650A178538DILM650/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor 650A 178539DILM650/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor accessories  208285DILM650-XHB

DILM, DILH   Contactor 750A~2600AOrder No.Part number
xStart Contactor 750A 178540DILM750/22(RA110)
xStart Contactor 750A 178541DILM750/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor 750A 178542DILM750/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor 820A 178543DILM820/22(RA110
xStart Contactor 820A 178544DILM820/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor 820A 178545DILM820/22(RAC500)
xStart Contactor accessories  208295DILM820-XKB-S
xStart Contactor 1000A 178546DILM1000/22(RA250)
xStart Contactor accessories  208284DILM820-XHB
xStart Contactor  Mechanical interlock208288DILM820-XMV
xStart Contactor 1600A 106727DILM1600/22(RAW250)
xStart Contactor 1400A 178548DILH1400/22(RAW250)
xStart Contactor 2000A 272442DILH2000/22(RAW250)
xStart Contactor 2200A 111793DILH2200/22(RAW250)
xStart Contactor 2600A 125945DILH2600/22(RAW250)

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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