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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

"Cooper Technology Day" and "Truck Show" set sail

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On July 22, 2023, Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony of the "Cooper Technology Day" truck show, witnessed by more than 200 channel partners and sales colleagues. The event with the theme of "Building Dreams, Zero Carbon and Smart Future" was held in Ningbo. Wu Xun, Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific Power Distribution System and Service Division of Eaton Electric Group, and Chen Zhixiao, General Manager of Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. The management of the company jointly cut the ribbon for the "Truck Show".


Cooper (Ningbo) has specially built an innovative mobile display platform with a truck as the carrier, which combines appearance and connotation, and perfectly demonstrates the company's expertise in medium and low voltage intelligent power distribution, complete sets of power equipment, intelligent medium and low voltage electrical components and electrical appliances. New products in the field of automation and overall industry solutions.


The "Cooper Technology Day" truck show event plans to visit customers and partners in dozens of cities in China, get close to the market and customers, and promote value co-creation, which has become one of the important measures of Cooper (Ningbo). The truck is based on the digital platform of BrightlayerTM architecture, and integrates a full range of digital products with the platform to realize a comprehensive display of products and solutions. Through Cooper Technology Day and truck show activities, the company's product features, performance and other information are displayed to potential customers on the spot, so that customers can better understand and understand the company's products, and experience the differentiated competitive advantages of the products, helping partners to improve the market and sales layout, develop customers and win projects.



"Truck Show" integrates the applications of Cooper's medium and low voltage intelligent power distribution, motor intelligent control and protection and other fields into targeted solutions, vividly and intuitively displaying intelligent medium voltage circuit Medium-voltage power distribution protection components, smart low-voltage power distribution components, intelligent motor control and protection components, green gas-insulated switchgear, miniaturized low-voltage power distribution cabinets and other products help power, public utilities, industry, infrastructure and buildings and other customers to achieve more efficient, reliable, flexible and energy-saving sustainable operations.


The digital intelligent power distribution management platform based on Brightlayer architecture combines cloud architecture and AI big data analysis, including local solutions for intelligent power distribution management, cloud platform for intelligent power distribution management, switchgear and fast arc extinguishing devices, etc. It can comprehensively improve asset management level, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and support public cloud, private cloud and local direct deployment, etc., to achieve seamless connection between cloud and local.


As a supplier of intelligent electrical system solutions, Cooper (Ningbo) is committed to promoting sustainable development and the green power industry under the guidance of the concept of "low carbon, environmental protection, and intelligence". Through the "Cooper Technology Day" truck show tour, Cooper brought innovative technology products and solutions of intelligent power distribution to thousands of customers in dozens of cities in China, communicated deeply, and jointly created a new ecology of the power industry.



"Cooper Technology Day" truck show, building a dream of zero carbon, creating a smart future! Let us witness the power of technology and innovation together and contribute to sustainable development! Stay tuned for more exciting content, and explore the infinite possibilities of smart electrics with Cooper!

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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