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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Enhancing American Transformers: Cooper Power System's Product Lineup

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Cooper Power System has established itself as a leading provider of top-quality electrical solutions, with a particular focus on American-style transformers. In this blog post, we will delve into the diverse range of transformer accessories offered by Cooper Power System. From backup fuses to load switches and bushings, these products are designed to optimize the performance, reliability, and safety of American transformers.

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1. Backup Fuses:

Cooper Power System's backup fuses serve as secondary protection devices for American transformers. Engineered to withstand overcurrent conditions, these fuses play a vital role in safeguarding transformers from potential electrical faults. With their reliable operation, Cooper backup fuses provide an added layer of security for uninterrupted power supply.

Elsp Fuse.jpg


2. Bay-O-Net Fuse:

The Bay-O-Net Fuse is a standout product within Cooper Power System's lineup. Specifically tailored for American transformers, this fuse combines robustness with efficient overcurrent protection. Its innovative design enables quick and hassle-free replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring the continuous operation of transformers in critical electrical networks.

Bay-O-Net Fuse.jpg


3. Load Break Switches:

Cooper Power System's load switches are custom-built to handle the varying electrical loads encountered by American transformers. With precise control and reliable switching capabilities, these switches facilitate maintenance and repair operations, allowing for safer and more efficient power flow management. Cooper load switches ensure optimal performance and protection in demanding electrical environments.

 Load Break Switch.jpg

4. Tap Changers:

Tap changers offered by Cooper Power System provide precise voltage adjustment for American-style transformers. With the ability to adapt to changing load conditions, these tap changers optimize voltage regulation, enhancing overall transformer efficiency. This capability ensures reliable power distribution while minimizing wastage and maximizing the lifespan of transformers.

 Cooper Tap Changer.jpg

5. Bushings:

Cooper Power System offers high-quality bushings designed to meet the stringent requirements of American transformers. These durable insulation components provide essential electrical insulation, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of transformers within the American power grid. Cooper bushings are engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

Cooper Bushing.jpg


Cooper Power System's dedication to excellence is evident in their extensive range of transformer accessories for American-style transformers. From backup fuses to bay-o-net fuses, load switches to tap changers, and bushings, these products are meticulously designed to enhance the performance, reliability, and safety of American transformers. By partnering with Cooper Power System, businesses and utilities can optimize their transformer operations and contribute to a robust and resilient power infrastructure.


For more information about Cooper Power System's wide array of transformer accessories, visit their official website or contact their team of experts. Let Cooper Power System's products empower your American transformers and ensure efficient and reliable power distribution throughout your electrical networks.


The following table is some materials produced by Cooper Shanghai plant. The lead time of these materials is relatively good. I hope to temporarily solve your urgent needs:

 15kv ELSP Fuse  Current Sensing Fuse  38kv 300A two  position LBS  35kv IEC TYPE C 630a BUSHING 
 CBUC15030C100  4000353C04B  LS2B338H3NA  DB630-40.5T01AY3 
 CBUC15040C100  4000353C06B  LS2B338H3N2A  DB250 
 CBUC15050C100  4000353C08B   LS2B338H3NB-M  BC-D-250 
 CBUC15065C100  4000353C10B  27kv 400A two  position LBS  4004352B02 
 CBUC15080C100  4000353C12B  LS2B427H3N2A  STHL 
 CBUC15100C100  4000353C14B  12/15kv 630A two  position LBS  15kv 200A elbow 
 CBUC15125C100  4000353C16B  LS2B612H3N1A  LE215A00TC 
 CBUC15150D100  4000353C17B  LS2B612H3N1AYH  LE215B00TC 
 CBUC15165D100  Dual Sensing Fuse  LS2B612H3N2A  LE215C00TC 
 CBUC15180D100  4000358C03B  R type LBS  15kv grounding elbow 
 8.3kv ELSP Fuse  4000358C05B  LS4BH3R16B  GE215-2Y06 
 CBUC08030C100  4000358C08B  LS4BH3R16BYH  CA225A 
 CBUC08050C100  4000358C10B  15kv T type four position LBS  25KV 200A elbow 
 CBUC08080C100  4000358C12B  LS4B615H3T16B  LE225MA00TC 
 CBUC08125C100  4000358C14B  LS4B615H3T16BG  LE225MC00TC 
 CBUC08150D100  4000358C16CB  2290318D04CH  15kv arrest  
 CBUCO8165D100  4000358C18CB  2237500C36  3238018C15M 
 CBUC08180D100  4038361C03CB  2237947A301H  3238018C17MC 
 23kv Elsp Fuse  4038361C04CB  2237471C16M  Bon Fuse Holder Assembly 
 CBUC23030C100  4038361C05CB  2237947A10  4000361C99FV 
 CBUC23040C100  4000380C06CB  Bushing  4038380B03M 
 CBUC23050C100  4000380C08CB  2638372C01  4001177B51MC 
 CBUC23065C100  4000380C10CB  2085399A01  4038804B02M 
 CBUC23080C100  4000380C11CB  BW150R  38KV ELSP Fuse 
 CBUC23100C100  4000380C12CB  15kv arrest   CBUC38080D100 
 CBUC23125D100  4000380C14CB  3238018C15M  CBUC38100D100 
 3238018C17MC  CBUC38120D100 


New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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