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The Birthplace of QE Pure Electric Luxury Cars: Beijing Benz Shunyi Factory Visit

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In June 2022, the all-new EQE, which created the medium-to-large luxury electric segment, rolled off the production line at the Beijing Benz Shunyi plant, and this is the 4 millionth domestic Mercedes-Benz car. Today, I will take you to visit the Beijing Benz Shunyi factory to learn about this medium and large-scale luxury pure electric vehicle and the details behind it.


Derived from the highly flexible EVA pure electric platform


As a heavyweight model of Mercedes-Benz's "core luxury" matrix, it is also the first model to be developed based on the EVA pure electric platform. The new EQE has a pure electric cruising range of up to 752 kilometers under CLTC conditions.


In terms of design language and configuration, the new EQE inherits the pioneering luxury design concept and cutting-edge technology configuration of EQS. The elegant bow-shaped body, cockpit front layout and seamless body, complemented by intelligent digital headlights and penetrating 3D spiral taillights, outline the dynamic and fluid body of the CLS four-door coupe.


The new EQE is also one of the first Mercedes-EQ models to be equipped with active ambient lighting, and according to the needs of Chinese customers, up to 10 exclusive upgrades are provided, including the design of the rear center armrest and the front wireless charging function. , comfortable rear headrest, etc.

Benz Plant.png


It is worth mentioning that the EVA pure electric platform that gave birth to the new EQE model has scalability at all levels and flexibility thanks to the modular design. The wheelbase, wheelbase, and other system components of the vehicle under this platform are Especially the battery part can be adjusted. In this way, the brand can respond quickly to customer needs: whether it is creating a new pure electric model, or continuously updating the product life cycle of a single model, such as switching to a new generation of batteries, it will be more convenient and efficient.


Green Factory, Digital Efficiency


Beijing Benz's Shunyi plant, which has been targeting the No. 56 plant in Sindelfingen, Germany, where the flagship S-Class sedan is produced, covers an area of about 1.06 million square meters and is equipped with four major process workshops, including stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, as well as power battery production lines. . Through the on-site visit to the body (welding) workshop and the final assembly workshop, the characteristics of intelligent production, high flexibility and green clean energy of Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant are impressive.





In the highly automated body shop with more than 1,200 robots, it is difficult to see workers. Behind it, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car Production Operation 360 (MO360 Global Digital Production System) is an intelligent The production system brings high transparency: hardware devices are linked to the cloud through software and networks, and production employees can view the new EQE production status and related data at any time through mobile devices. The production method of human-machine collaboration improves production efficiency and ensures high-quality production.

Car Manufacture.png

The production flow management system (PFM) applied in the body shop of the Shunyi factory makes the production line highly flexible. PFM can flexibly arrange production according to customer orders, which can not only fully meet the different order requirements of the new EQE, but also realize flexible switching between the production of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles. In addition, in the body shop, 9 world-leading body joining processes, including the new aluminum alloy spot welding process, provide high-quality connections for the panels and body of the new EQE.


The smart assembly line in the final assembly workshop of the Shunyi plant is equipped with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for body transport of the new EQE. The magnetic strip on the ground can guide the AGV to operate autonomously. Through the QR code of the magnetic strip, the position of each AGV in the production area can be tracked in real time.

Benz Manufacture.png


The flexible combination of integrating large-scale liftable AGVs and small-scale transport AGVs improves the efficiency and accuracy of production and operation in the Shunyi factory and realizes highly flexible production.


While realizing flexible production, Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant also promotes efficient production through smart logistics. The assembly workshop adopts an intelligent light sorting prompt system. In the face of complex parts sorting tasks, material sorting personnel only need to follow the light prompts on the shelves to achieve accurate sorting of parts for orders of various models; sorting The "catering truck" of good parts is sent to the production line by the AGV, which greatly reduces the probability of wrong selection and missed selection, and makes the production operation more efficient and accurate.



It is worth mentioning that Mercedes-Benz's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are not limited to the product itself, but run through all aspects of the automotive value chain, covering technology research and development, supply network, manufacturing, vehicle life cycle and recycling. use. Take this visit as an example: from the "plant ceiling skylight" building structure that expects more use of natural light to illuminate, to the solar panels covering the roofs of major craft workshops; from the body workshop with automatic sleep/wake-up Model robots to the wide application of digital equipment in the entire factory area, and the hard-working paperless production, all demonstrate the charm of green manufacturing.




It can be said that the value concept of "digitalization, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability" has run through the entire production system of this factory, which will be officially put into operation in 2020. Beijing Benz has become one of the advanced factories in the Mercedes-Benz global production network. , its high-end manufacturing technology also provides quality assurance for the new EQE.

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