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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Bay-O-Net Fuse Cross Reference

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The Bay-O-Net fuse provides safeguarding for both single- and three-phase transformers. The Bay-O-Net assembly merges the convenience of hotstick operation with the security of deadfront construction. It's utilized alongside an isolation link to prevent line workers from inadvertently closing into a fault while replacing a blown Bay-O-Net link.


Ideal for incorporation into a two-fuse protection system alongside a current-limiting backup fuse, the Bay-O-Net fuse handles secondary faults and overload currents, while the current-limiting fuse tackles high-level faults. These two fuses are series-connected and coordinated to ensure that the current limiting fuse only triggers in case of internal equipment failure. When the Bay-O-Net fuse isn’t used in series with a current limiting fuse, an isolation link is necessary.

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Despite being cost-comparable to internal cartridge fuses, Bay-O-Net fuses offer the advantage of field-replacement. They can be easily synchronized with upstream devices, enhancing their adaptability. When employed in series with a Bay-O-Net type fuse, an isolation link provides supplementary protection during both refusing and switching operations. Additionally, the oil-immersed current sensing weak link cartridge fuse serves as an internal, weak link expulsion fuse.


Provided below is the Bay-O-Net Fuse Cross Reference table, which provides more choices for Bay-O-Net Fuse selection.

Current rating (Amperes)Bay-O-Net Fuse TypeEaton Cooper Cross ReferenceABB Cross Reference
6Current Sensing4000353C041B11143G04
10Current Sensing4000353C061B11143G06
15Current Sensing4000353C081B11143G08
25Current Sensing4000353C101B11143G10
40Current Sensing4000353C121B11143G12
65Current Sensing4000353C141B11143G14
100Current Sensing4000353C161B11143G16
140Current Sensing4000353C171B11143G17

3Dual Sensing4000358C031B11144G03
8Dual Sensing4000358C051B11144G05
15Dual Sensing4000358C081B11144G08
25Dual Sensing4000358C101B11144G10
50Dual Sensing4000358C121B11144G12
65Dual Sensing4000358C141B11144G14
100Dual Sensing4000358C16CBN/A
140Dual Sensing4000358C18CBN/A

5Dual Element4038108C031B11145G03
6Dual Element4038108C041B11145G04
8Dual Element4038108C051B11145G05
12Dual Element4038108C061B11145G06
15Dual Element4038108C071B11145G07
25Dual Element4038108C091B11145G09
40Dual Element4038108C111B11145G11
50Dual Element4038108C121B11145G12
65Dual Element4038108C14N/A

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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