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New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

Which PCB fuse in 60KW DC fast EV Charger?

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"Which fuse in 800VDC PCB?"

"Which PCB fuse can select for an 800~1000VDC circuit system?

"80A 1000VDC, In PCB, Pls help to choose a fuse"

EV Charger manufacturing engineers ask this 1000VDC fuse a lot when As Beam is designing with them.

In recent years, 60~80KW EV DC charger is hot in Europe, US and India EV charging markets. As Beam is here to save your time and to solve fuse shortage problem.

80A 1000VDC fuse.png

Following is the different 80A 1000VDC fuse manufacturers' parameter comparisons. Normally these fuses could be alternate each other.

Base on EV charger DC circuit character, Watt loss at 1.0 In is a critical parameter which may infuence charger performance directly.

ItemManufacturer Catalog #DescriptionWatt Loss at  1.0 In(W)Total
Breaking capacity
Certification Leadtime(wks)Remark
1Hinode1000GH-0801000VDC, 80A, cylindrical fuse28580100UL RecognizedTBDUL recognized not UL listed
2Bussmann80CBX01S-10001000VDC, 80A, high speed fuse, EV Charger industry3260050UL, CE8~12Special design for DC EV Charger
3BussmannEVK22-80-TEV fuse 80A 1000VDC24490025CE, UL recognized8~12Base on UL standard, donot have UL report #. Same dimension as Hinode 1000GH-080
4Bussmann170M1807FUSE 80A 1000V DC IEC aR 000FU/902750550UL, CE8~121000 V d.c. tested at 1000 V d.c. according to UL 248-1
5BussmannPV-80ANH1-B80A, 1000VDC, NH photovoltaic fuse15.564050UL, IEC, CSA12~16PV fuse but also used in many EV chargers.
6Mersen HP10J40080A 1000V Fuse, solar fuse, UL Power fuse10
10UL32Photovaltic fuse, but fuse performance is suitable for DC EV charger.
7LittelfuseSPFJ080.XHigh speed 80A, 1000VDC fuse, Photovaltic, UL Approval fuse15697120UL24Solar fuse, Some EV charger customer also use it.
8Mersen  A150X80-4Semiconductor Protection fuse, 1000VDC, 80AMPNANA100ULTBDUse in anywhere to protect semiconductor.
9Mersen MEV100A80-4EV pack fuse Mersen 1000VDC, 80A, for electric vehicle battery packNANA100IATF, JASOTBDEV battery pack fuse, also DC EV charger.

It's not all fuse cross reference list, should you have any more fuse questions regardingly, feel free to consult us:

New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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