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5 ways to make drivers not worry about charging for electric car

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Electric car is more and more hot in US. But there are still some people concern about it. We guess the biggest worry is :  EV  Charing.

From current charging status, the fast EV  charger, you will need to take around 30mins; For normal EV chargers at home. It may take 8 hours.

Well, It’s fine that we can wait 30mins, can shopping during this time, can have a coffee, can listen to several music...... This is under impression of in CBD of a city.

But actually, EV chargers are now frequently in neglected, backlot spaces to save money connecting them to the main utility lines.

So for a woman, it will becomes not very safe at night time. And also in cold winter season.

“Nobody’s going to use a charger that doesn’t feel safe.and Lighting, amenities, restrooms, things to do while you wait are important.”

Yes. That’s all the key factors to make drivers comfortable while EV charging.

EV charging..jpg

US government, Electric Vehicle manufacturers and EV charger manufactures are solving this problem:

1, Assembly Solar Powered EV charging station

With  solar power and Battery Energy Storage device, The EV charing station can work off grid.

Because Grid-tied chargers are generally placed as close as possible to available power to reduce the cost of extending circuits,  with trenches and wiring; Solar power EV chargers can be put anywhere. “Hence, many chargers are found at the back of the supermarket where the dumpsters are and where the power comes into the building.

 Battery Energy .jpg

2, Set up more commercial EV chargers

Although the majority of EV charging happen at homes and places of business, there must also be reliable options for public charging.

Every driver must feel comfortable when charging their  electric vehicle. This should include the ease of the charging hardware mechanics connecting to the vehicle, payment accessibility, exceptional visibility, effective lighting and surveillance of the EV  chargers.

Volta  Charging is a good example.

They places advertising-supported chargers in highly visible places in front of destinations for shopping, entertainment and dining. Its thousands of chargers across the U.S. are recognizable because they’re smack in front of popular businesses and have video screens and speakers selling high-end services and goods.

“It’s a triple win,” said an investor in  Volta . “It’s free to drivers, the advertisers get exposure, and the business gets an amenity smack in front of their door.” Volta can afford to run high-voltage lines 1000VDC to its street-side chargers because it gets advertising revenue, unlike services whose only income comes from selling electricity.

theirelectric vehicle..jpg

3, The action of EV charging manufacturers

There are higher and higher  DC  fast  EV chargers. For example 360KW DC  fast  EV charger, it means you will only need about 15 mins to charge fully.

The typical example is ABB ,  Innogy,  Power Electronics, BTC, EVgo. etc;

The related Bussmann fuse FWJ-400A is used in this newest solution. 

 Bussmann fuse FWJ-400Ajpg

4, Government encouragement

News from White house is as below in 2021.Dec 18:

EV charging from white house 2021.png

The government will put more money to make  electric vehicle charing become more and more convenient.

electric vehicle .jpg

5, Electric car makers have a role to play in ensuring that charging is easy and secure.

General Motors has an plan to make a major impact with the 40,000 public chargers. They have promised to install across the U.S., and thousands more at its dealers. GM’s recently announced $750 million program to expand public, work and home charging will succeed only if the stations are easy to find and people are comfortable using them, day or night. This can solve the drivers conccern on GM series electric vehicles

Tesla’s solution is to offer free off-peak charging in some areas in US. Such as in Christmas Dec 23 to 26. 


New industry Technology regarding to Bussmann fuse, ABB breakers, Amphenol connectors, HPS transformers, etc. 

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