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SIRCO MV-Load Break Switch-Socomec

SIRCO MV-Load Break Switch-Socomec


Description :Socomec Load Break Switch,,100A to 160A,Disconnect switch, diagram, specification,manual transfer switch

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Categories:Socomec,Load Break Switch,Disconnect switch,socomec load break switch catalogue, power distribution


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Universal load break switch body SIRCO MV 4P 100A

Modular universal switches, the versatile solution

• The SIRCO M is a 3 pole device available from 16 to 125 A, complete with an unswitched neutral or PE pole and type M auxiliary pre-break and signalling contacts. 

The basic 3 pole device is available enclosed in a polyester enclosure from 16 to 100 A (see page 492). 

• From 16 to 80 A, it is possible to mount the device on a door and transform a 3 pole switch into a 6 or 8 pole switch

 or a 3 or 4 pole changeover switch, by adding a conversion kit and a switched 4th pole


DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

TAG:   Socomec Load Break Switch Disconnect switch socomec load break switch catalogue power distribution

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