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Q037LEKF|Hammond Transformer

Q037LEKF|Hammond Transformer

Manufacturer:HPS(Hammond Power Solutions)

Description :Transformer_single phase dry type transformer,ENCAPSULATED TRANSFORMERS FOR HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS

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Key features: 

  • Single phase ratings from .05 kVA to 37.5 kVA; 

  • Three phase ratings from 2 kVA to 150 kVA z 60 Hz frequency (50/60 Hz on units with 380V primary) 

  • Primary volts: 120, 208/240/277, 347/380, 240x480, 600, export model: 190/200/208/220x380/400/416/440 

  • UL 1604 approval, Class 1 Division2 

  • ABS type approval

  • Electrostatic shield standard on all three phase units and single phase units over 0.50 kVA 

  • 10 year warranty

Typical Application:

Sea Oil equipment

Sea oil equipment_Hammond transformer.png

DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

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