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Cooper Xi'An fusegear is mainly on medium voltage fuse:

SDLDJ-12KV/63A, SKLDJ-12KV/100A. etc.

Cooper XR Bussmann WFNHO-12kV/100A fuse

Cooper XR Bussmann WFNHO-12kV/100A fuse

Manufacturer:Cooper Xi'An fusegear

Description :Cooper Xi'an fusegear Bussmann WFNHO-12kV/100A(-M) current limiting fuse 12KV 100amp motor protection

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Categories:High voltage fuse; Current limiting fuse; Time delay fuse; Motor circuit protection fuse


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Cooper Xi'an fusegear is accquired by Bussmann.All current limiting medium voltage fuse you can ask ABPower_A 10 years fuse partner. 

WFNHO-12kV/100A(-M)  current limiting fuse for motor protection.

Fuse rating:

12KV, 100amp;

fuse type:

 current limiting fuse. 

Fuse cross reference:

Fuse manufacturerFuse Part No.

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Cooper Xi'an fusegear Bussmann  WFFHO-3.6kV/160A(-C) current limiting fuse 3.6KV 160amp 

Family fuses:


Fuse  Description

WFNHO-12kV/40A(-M)Cooper Xi'an fusegear Bussmann  WFFHO-12kV/40A(-M) current limiting fuse 12KV 40amp motor protection fuse
WFNHO-12kV/125A(-C)Cooper Xi'an fusegear Bussmann  WFFHO-12kV/125A(-C) current limiting fuse 12KV 125amp motor protection fuse
WFNHO-12kV/63A(-M)Cooper Xi'an fusegear Bussmann  WFFHO-12kV/63A(-M) current limiting fuse 12KV 63amp motor protection fuse


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About  us (Office & Warehouse)

As Beam Electric Limited(Called: AB Power),Founded in Y2011.
We are 10 years distributors for Bussmann, Littlefuse, Eaton, ABB, Schneider, TE ,Molex, Weidmuller, Mitsubishi etc.
We are a solution provider focus on power electrical products.
AB Power provides immediate shipment of fuses,breakers, contactors, connectors etc from our extensive inventory.

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Our Team:

Our Team:

1, Most of us used to work in Bussmann, ABB, Eaton etc companies. Professional on selecting fuses/breakers to you;

2, Most of us working in ABPower more than 2 years. Stable service to customers.

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Products of the same industry:ABB,Schneider, Eaton,TE


Shopping guarantee:

● 100% Bussmann original;

● 100% new;

● Delivery within 24 hours.

Why do you choose us:

1.On time delicery; 

2.20% cost saving;

3.Quick response;

4.Adequate stocks

Product internal structure:

WFNHO-12kV/100A Structure chart.png

Cooper Xi'An fusegear is mainly on medium voltage fuse:

SDLDJ-12KV/63A, SKLDJ-12KV/100A. etc.

TAG:   Cooper Xian fusegear; high voltage fuse; medium voltage fuse; motor protection fuse

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