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KRP-C-3500SP Class L Low Peak Time Delay Fuse Bussmann

KRP-C-3500SP Class L Low Peak Time Delay Fuse Bussmann


Description :3500A 600VAC Class L Fuse, Low Peak Time Delay, Slow blow Fuse

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Categories:Cooper Bussmann Fuse, Class L Fuse, fuse panel, DC Fuse, fused disconnects


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Bussmann KRP-C-3500SP Class L Low Peak Time Delay Fuse 

Product NameEaton Bussmann series KRP-C fuse Class L Low Peak
Catolog NumberKRP-C-3500SP
Rated Amperage3500A
Rated Voltage600VAC, 300VDC
Product Height10.75 in
Product Diameter5.79 in
Product Weight22.15lb
ClassTime Delay
Voltage TypeAC, DC
ClassClass L Fuse
Breaking Capacity300 kA RMS Sym, 100 kA DC
3D Model; CADstp
Agency Information UL Listed 248-10, Guide JFHR,
File E56412, CSA Certified, Class
1422-02, File 53787, Class L per
CSA C22.2, No 248.10, RoHS
compliant, CE

Bussmann KRP-C Fuse Typical applications

• Large distribution switchboards

• Power panelboards

• Large machinery disconnects


KRP-C Series Fuse Catalog Number


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• Industry's only UL Listed and CSA Certified fuse with a 300kA interrupting rating that allows for simple, worry-free installation in virtually any application.

• Fast short-circuit protection and dual-element, time-delay performance provide ultimate protection. • Reduces existing fuse inventory by up to 33% when upgrading to Low-Peak fuses.

• Consistent 2:1 ampacity ratios for all Low-Peak fuses make selective coordination easy.

• Time-delay for close sizing load.

• Current-limiting action of the fuse generally affords considerable reduction in bus bracing.

• All-purpose silver-linked fuse for both overload and shortcircuit protetion for high capacity systems (mains and large feeders).

• O-ring seals maximize pressure build-up during current limiting action and ensure filter retention.

• High-grade silica sand filler accelerates response of fuse to short-circuits by having quenching effect on the fuse arc.

• 99.9% Pure silver links provide low watt loss with low operating temperature on normal current levels and minimizes total clearing I2 t fault energy left-through.

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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