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EVC-AB-40S_DC Contactor_Bussmann

EVC-AB-40S_DC Contactor_Bussmann


Description :40A 450VDC,12vdc coil voltage, high voltage contactors automotive,contactor connection,EV Contactor, Eletric Vehicle, Eaton Bussmann , EVC Contactor

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Categories:high voltage contactors automotive|DC Contactor|EV Contactor|Bussmann| Eaton|12vdc


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Basic information

EVC series contactor is applicable to DC system with working voltage up to DC1500V.

Mainly used in electrical vehicles, charging piles, energy storage system and other fields.

It has the characteristics of long service life, high reliability, small size and low power consumption, as well

as electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardancy and rapid response.



• Ceramic encapsulated type —— The contactor are in a ceramic sealed environment with low contactresistance and good stability, which can be used in harsh environment.

• Epoxy encapsulated type —— The contactor are in a epoxy sealed environment with good stability, auxiliary contact is selected by product which can indicate contactor state accurately.

• Filling gas —— The gas filled in the cavity helps to quickly extinguish the arc and ensure that the contact is not oxidized. The protection grade of the contact can reach IP67.

• Fully RoHS compliant —— More environment friendly.

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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