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EV charger EVC contactor 600A 1000VDC contactor

EV charger EVC contactor 600A 1000VDC contactor


Description :Eaton Bussmann, EVC 600A, 1000VDC contactor

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Categories:EV charger contactor; 12VDC coil contactor; 24vdc coil contactor; EV Power Electronics


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Eaton Bussmann EVC DC contactor feature

  1. Rated voltage range:  12 ~1800VDC; Rated current: 600A; 

  2. Sealed DC contactor - Low and stable contact resistance, can be used in harsh environments; 

  3. Filling gas - Filled with arc extinguishing gas to improve the arc extinguishing performance of the product and prevent contact oxidation; 

  4. Magnetic arc extinguishing- Use permanent magnet to spread the arc extension, improve the arc extinguishing capability; 

  5. Compact contactor -New technology improves the load energy of the same volume; 

  6. RoHS.

It is electronic components in electric vehicles and EV charging piles, and is used to switch and control DC circuits and equipment. 

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Eaton Bussmann 1000VDC EV contactor PN meaning

600A  1000VDC EVC contactor PN.png

EVC contactor cross reference

DC Contactor Manufacturer



Part Number

Kilovac ev600

GVB35( 500A, the nearest current level with Bussmann)


• Power Distribution

• Motor Control Circuit Isolation 

• Circuit Protection

• Alternative Energy 

• Energy and Battery Storage

12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC coil contactor options

DC contactor questions

What does DC contactor mate with?

This 1000VDC contactor with connector socket, matching connector: Yazaki 7283-1020, matching connector terminal: Yazaki 7116-4020. 

What's dc contactor wiring specification?

DC contactor standard with connector, default lead line specification AWM 3321 22AWG, line length 380mm.The coil should distinguish between the positive and negative electrode, from the red wire to the positive power supply positive pole, from the black wire to the power supply negative electrode, and from the blue wire to the auxiliary contact lead wire (when applicable).

What's the screw/nut DC contactor mate?

DC contactor factory default with M10 nut assembly for load end conductor installation.

More questions let's talk in

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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