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DC Contactor|EVC– 400A|Eaton

DC Contactor|EVC– 400A|Eaton


Description :Eaton DC contactor for Electrical vehicle and electric vehicle charger

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Categories:DC contactor; EV charging contactor; High voltage contactor;


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EVC DC square contactor uses highly reliable ceramic sealing technology. Compared with traditional DC contactors, this product series has: 

• Complete sealing – The contacts are in a sealed environment with low contact resistance and good stability, which can be used in harsh environments. 

• Filling gas – Filling in the arc extinguishing gas to improve the arc extinguishing performance of the product and prevent the contacts from oxidation.

• Magnetic blow-out – Use permanent magnets to blow and pull the arc, increasing the capacity of arc extinguishing. 

• Miniaturization – New technology increases the load capacity of the same volume 

• Fully RoHS compliant – More environmentally friendly It is one of the most used electronic components in electric vehicles and charging

It is one of the most used electronic components in electric vehicles and charging piles for switching and controlling the DC circuits and the equipment. 

It has a long life, high reliability, small size, low power consumption, electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardancy, and fast response.

3. Technical parameters 

Parameters: EVC-A - 400S

Main contact

Contact form(mainSingle-pole single-throw – Normally Open

Rated voltage                                12-800VDC

Rated current                                 400A

Short-time withstands current       1,200 sec. 600A,300 sec. 800A,

                                                      30 sec.1,200A

                                                      (see 5, curve)

Operation time,23℃

Closing time                                ≤ 30ms

Release time                                ≤ 10ms

Min. continuity load                   1A 12VDC

Max breaking current                 3,200A 450VDC 1 time

Contact resistance(Under the rated current, initial value)


Electrical performance

Electrical life

                                                   400A 450VDC 2,000 times

                                                  400A 750VDC 1,000 times

Switch off overload                  500A 450VDC 50 times

Insulation resistance                >1,000MΩ(1,000VDC)

                            (After the life test: 50 MΩ)

Dielectric withstand voltage ( Between contacts, between

contacts and coils)            2,500VAC,1 min.(leakage current ≤ 1mA)

Mechanical performance

Shock resistance-Malfunction   Half sine wave,11ms,196m/s²

Shock resistance-Destruction    Half sine wave,6ms,490m/s²

Random vibration                        10-2,000Hz,57.9m/s²

Mechanical life                            200,000 times

Weight About                             700g

Environmental requirements

Ambient operating temperature range


Humidity range


DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

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