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Bussmann EV20-70-C 70A 500VDC EV fuse stock

Bussmann EV20-70-C 70A 500VDC EV fuse stock


Description :Bussmann EV20-50;EV Fuse 50A 500VDC S20

Stock quantity(PCS) :100

Lead time ( Weeks ) :6

Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse; EV fuse; DC fuse; 500VDC fuse;


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Bussmann, a brand with history of 106 years professionally on fuse.It's with more than 130,000 kinds of different fuses in multiple applications.

Eaton’s Bussmann® series Electric Vehicle (EV) fuses for the protection of high power battery charging and management systems up to 500 Vdc in ratings from 50 to 400 amps. 



 •    Volts - 500 Vdc

 •    Amps – 50-400 A

 •    Interrupting rating

 •    Max DC – 20 kA

 •    Min DC 200%


Agency information

 •    Designed to:

 •    JASO D622

 •    ISO 8820-8

 •    Manufactured under a TS16949 quality system for compliance with automotive requirements

 •    RoHS compliant

 •    REACH declaration available upon request


 •    20 mm fuses: 250 fuses per box

 •    25 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box

 •    30 mm fuses: 100 fuses per box 

Fuse Cross Reference:

Bussmann Mersen

Family fuses:

fuse PN

fuse Description


Bussmampnn EV fuse 100amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 125amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 150amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 50amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 60amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 70amp 500VDC S20


Bussmampnn EV fuse 80amp 500VDC S20



About  ABPower

As Beam Electric Limited(Called: AB Power),Founded in Y2011.
We are 10 years distributors for Bussmann, Littlefuse, Eaton, ABB, Schneider, TE ,Molex, Weidmuller, Mitsubishi etc.
We are a solution provider focus on power electrical products.
AB Power provides immediate shipment of fuses,breakers, contactors, connectors etc from our extensive inventory.


Our Team:

1, Most of us used to work in Bussmann, ABB, Eaton etc companies. Professional on selecting fuses/breakers to you;

2, Most of us working in ABPower more than 2 years. Stable service to customers.




Products of the same industry:ABB,Schneider,TE, Eaton,


Bussmann EV series fuse fuse protection features of the advantages

  • Bussmann EV fuse is not the general industrial use fuse for revalidation or "offset";It is a newly designed product with "circuit breaker protection characteristics" after fully considering and studying the operating current characteristics of electric vehicles.

  •  In high voltage circuit of EV electric cars, usually have high and repeatability, the impact of the current system requirements to fuse in this area very well tolerance and should not happen "false action";In case of short circuit and large current fault occurs in the circuit, the fuse fast fuse protection is needed.

  • To series 225 A fuse Bussmann EV features, for example, in the case of the peak tolerance can close, some tend to fuse scheme "slow fuse" product design, this leads to large fault current protection zone melting speed is still slow (such as Competitor A);Some fuse solutions actually adopt a larger melt design approach that makes the product less efficient at protecting the fault current area (such as Competitor B).The Bussmann EV fuse is a product that truly combines shock current tolerance and fault current high speed fuse protection.

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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