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You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

Fuse Bases-BCM603-3P-Bussmann fuse holder

Fuse Bases-BCM603-3P-Bussmann fuse holder


Description :Bussmann series class cc fuse bolck and holders, BCM modular fuse block, Pressure plate, Three-pole,BCM603-3P

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Fuse Block,600V,30A,Class CC,pressure Plate,3Pole

Specifications Ratings:

 • Volts – 600V 

• Amps – up to 30A

• Withstand – 200kA RMS Sym. Agency information: Class CC BCM 

• UL® Listed E14853 - IZLT

• CSA® Certified 47235-6225-01 

• CE • RoHS Compliant 

• Conflict mineral free 

• REACH declaration available upon request 13/32” x 1-1/2” (Midget) BMM 

• UL Recognized E14853 - IZLT2 

• CSA Certified 47235-6225-01

 • CE • RoHS compliant 

• Conflict mineral free 

• REACH declaration available upon request Covers: 

• Covers are included in the overall UL Listing/Recognition and CSA Certification

 • IP20 finger-safe 

• RoHS compliant 

• REACH declaration available upon request Poles: 

• 1-, 2-, 3-pole units factory assembled 

• Single-pole units snap together to create desired number of poles Flammability ratings: 

• Blocks – UL 94V0, self-extinguishing

 • Covers – UL 94HB, self-extinguishing Operating and storage temperature range: 

• Blocks – -40°C to +120°C 

• Non indicating covers – -40°C to +120°C

 • Indicating covers – -20°C to +90°C* * Indication requires minimum 90Vac/dc and closed circuit to illuminate.

Terminal type
#10-32 Phil-slot screw Screw with                  Pressure plate Pressure plate quick connectPolesFuse class
BCM603-1S BCM603-1SQBCM603-1PBCM603-1PQ 1CC
BCM603-2S BCM603-2SQBCM603-2PBCM603-2PQ2CC
BMM603-1SQ 一       BMM603-1PQ110x38 (13/32"x1-1/2") 2   
BMM603-2SQ      一       BMM603-2PQ210x38 (13/32"x1-1/2") 3   
BMM603-3SQ   一       BMM603-3PQ310x38 (13/32"x1-1/2") 3   

Fuse Bases-BCM603-3P-Size

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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