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ATyS g M-Dual power automatic transfer switch-Socomec

ATyS g M-Dual power automatic transfer switch-Socomec


Description :40-160A,2/4 pole, Dual power automatic transfer switch, Socomec ATS,transfer switch for generator,ats controller

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Categories:Dual power automatic transfer switch, Socomec, transfer switch for generator, ats controller


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ATyS g M-Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch-Socomec - Reliable Dual Power Transfer Switch for Generator: Distributor & Factory Direct, In Stock!

ATyS g M Series Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Product NameDual Power Automatic Transfer Switch
Brand Socomec
Catolog Number ATyS g M
Rated Amperage40-160A
Rated Voltage230/400
Conformity to standardsIEC,CE,UL
Electrical connection TypeBolt Connection
Fonctions2/4 Pole
3D Model; CADstep

Socomec ATyS g M Series Models

Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch.png

ATyS M Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Dimension

ATys M Dimensions.png

DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

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