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PH500MLI Hammond Power Solutions transformer

PH500MLI Hammond Power Solutions transformer

Manufacturer:HPS(Hammond Power Solutions)

Description :PH500MLI 500VA HPS Imperator®'s unique terminal block design are encapsulated which protects them from moisture

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Categories:Hammond; Machine Tool Rated Industrial Control Transformers


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HPS Imperator™
Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformers


The HPS Imperator’s unique terminal block design allows
for the quick and easy installation of standard secondary or
optional primary 13/32” x 1 1/2” midget/type CC fuse clips
on every unit. This is the simplest and most inexpensive
fusing installation provided on any industrial control

transformer in the market today.


With 11 standard voltage groups, a VA range from 50VA
to 1500VA and available with standard secondary and
optional primary fuse kits, the HPS Imperator series
provides the perfect solution for any application.


The HPS Imperator series design, utilizing superior insulation
systems and being constructed with high quality silicon steel
laminations for optimum performance, meet or exceed UL,

CSA and CE standards.


Hammond Transformer application.png


Hammond Transformer application industry.png


•UL Listed (Approved for U.S. and Canada)
•CE Mark standard on all units

•RoHS Compliant


•600V class, rated industrial control transformers
•11 standard multi primary and secondary voltage groups available1
•50/60 Hertz (60Hz on PH***AJ & PH***AR)
•VA range from 50 up to 15001
•Robust insulation system:
  • 50-150VA, temperature rise 55°C, insulation class 130°C
  • 250-1500VA, temperature rise 80°C, insulation class 130°C
•Constructed with high quality silicon steel laminations that provide optimum performance and reliability
•Encapsulated coils encased in a custom injection molded cover, protect coils and terminations from moisture,
  dirt and other industrial airborne contaminants
•Mounting Feet: made of heavy steel and welded or bolted to the core, these mounting feet provide superior
  strength in a compact design
•Termination: combination slot/Phillips #6 screw, complete with SEMS washer (suitable for 18 AWG to 14 AWG
  solid or 14 AWG stranded wire)
•Standard SEMS washers - supplied on all units2
•Standard secondary fuse kits -utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2” midget/type CC fuse clips (supplied with all units)
•Optional primary fuse kits available utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2” midget/type CC fuse clips
•Optional finger safe terminal covers available on all units
•LIFETIME Warranty (Limited)
  1 special voltages and VA sizes available upon request

  2 excluding PH750PG, PH1000PG, PH750MLI, PH1000MLI

                                                    Primary Voltage:   480/240

                                                    Secondary Voltage: 120/25





           50/60 Hertz
VA RatingCatalog NumberMtg. Fig.Output AmpsOverall DimensionsMounting CentersMounting SlotHeight with Finger GuardDepth with Finger GuardApprox. Ship Weight Lbs.Optional Primary Fuse Kit P/N
50PH50MLIA0.43/ x 0.444.375.504.00PFK5
75PH75MLIA0.65/ x 0.444.375.694.60PFK5
100PH100MUA0.87/ x 0.444.506.255.20PFK5
150PH150MUB1.30/ x 0.754.506.947.60PFK6
250PH250MUB2.17/10.424.505.194.443.753.750.22 x 0.755.186.6910.1PFK6
350PH350MUB3.04/14.584.505.564.443.753.750.22 x 0.755.187.0611.0PFK7

Secondary fuse clips and fuse clip mounting screws supplied standard with transformers up to and including 

500VA. Primary and secondary voltage links/jumpers

supplied standard with transformers. Please refer to page 11 for dimensional drawings. Special voltages and 

VA sizes available upon request.All dimensions in inches

DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

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