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KTK-30 |Bussmann|Littelfuse cross KLK030

KTK-30 |Bussmann|Littelfuse cross KLK030


Description :Bussmann LIMITRON FAST ACTING FUSE 690V, 30amp

Stock quantity(PCS) :500

Lead time ( Weeks ) :

Categories:Fast acting fuse; Limitron fuse; Semiconductor fuse; High speed fuse.


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KTK fast-acting 13/32" x 1-1/2"supplemental fuse Fast-acting supplemental fuse. 

Black color code (600 Vac max). For superior protection, Eaton recommends upgrading to Bussmann series Low-Peak Class CC fuses. 

Typical applications

• Control circuits 

• Lighting circuit protection 

• Meter circuits

KTK and KLM 

Fast ActingPhysical Size:⁄‹Ω£™∑ ≈ 1⁄Ω™∑ (10.3mm 38.1mm) 

Construction: Melamine Tube; Nickel Plated Brass Endcaps 

Voltage Rating:KTK - 600Vac or less KLM -⁄Ω¡º-⁄Ω•A: 500Vac/600Vdc¤Ω¡º-10A: 500Vac/dc,12-30A: 500Vac/600Vdc

nterrupting Rating:100,000A - KTK; 10,000A - KLM, RMS SYM. (UL)

Agency Information: Std. 248-14 KTK-UL Listed, Guide JDYX,File E19180 KLM-UL Recognized, Guide JFHR2, File E56412 CSA Certified, File 53787, Class 1422-01, HRC-Misc

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