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Littelfuse cross reference Bussmann

Littlefuse KLDR006  stock

Littlefuse KLDR006 stock


Description :Description KLDR fuses are time-delay fuses designed to protect control transformers, solenoids and similar inductive components with high magnetizing currents during the first half-cycle. They provide excellent protection of motor branch circuits containing IEC or NEMA rated motor controllers or contactors.

Stock quantity(PCS) :1600

Lead time ( Weeks ) :1 W

Categories:KLDR006; KLDR004; KLDR003


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KLDR006 Specifications

Voltage Rating AC: 600 V DC: 300 V 

Amperage Rating 1/10 – 30 A 

Interrupting Rating AC: 200 kA rms symmetrical DC: 20 kA 

Material Body: Melamine Caps: Nickel-plated Bronze 

Fuse Weight .019 lb (8.62g) 

Approvals AC: Standard 248-4, Class CC UL Listed 1/10-30 A (File: E81895)CSA Certified 1/10-30 A (File: LR29862) DC: Littelfuse self-certified 

Environmental: RoHS Compliant 

Country of Origin: Mexico

Littelfuse cross reference Bussmann

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