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Bussmann / Eaton XBAES35C Terminal Blocks Fuse Holders

Bussmann / Eaton XBAES35C Terminal Blocks Fuse Holders


Description :Fuse BasesTerminal Blocks Fuse Holders Eaton XBAES35C Marking Accessories

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Categories:Marking Accessories; Terminal Blocks; Fuse Blocks; Fuse Holders


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XBAE35C EATON brand and BUSSMANN brand are produced using the 

same mold as DRL35MMHI, with different brands and two part numbers 

originating from China,

DRL35MMHI  Price advantage is the simplest way to reduce manufacturing costs

Terminal Blocks, IEC—XB Series

XB Series Accessories Overview

End Stops

The end stop provides an anchor point at each end of the rail assembly by attaching
directly to the DIN rail. A wide range of end stop options are available, including those that
mount with one or multiple screws and those that do not require screws for mounting.
End stops also have a location for marking material to be placed.

DIN Rail

Eaton offers ways for timesaving and secure mounting of components needed for
electrical connections. DIN rail provides the basis for the inner design of the control
cabinet and ensures a firm hold of the rail-mountable components. Eaton offers a
wide range of standard DIN rails sizes and materials,solid or slotted. Or, contact
us about custom lengths of pre-cut rail or ordering predrilled rail. The DIN rails are
designed in accordance with the European standard EN 60715.

Marking Accessories
The marking system provides logical and clear identification of the modular terminal
blocks and interface modules.The blank marker strip is designed for marking terminal
blocks, equipment and smaller modules with marker grooves. The marker strip is

available in all common pitches in printed and unprinted versions.

Universal End Stop (35 mm)



Approximate Dimensions in Inches (mm)

Universal End Stop

XBAES35C Eaton Fuse Holders .png

bussmann semiconductor fuse|ABPower

bussmann semiconductor fuse|ABPower

DC fuse, EV fuse, high speed fuse, current limiting fuse cross reference.

Bussmann, Littelfuse, Mersen, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, HPS( Hammond Power Solutions), Amphenol, Molex distributor.

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