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DCM-10A|Bussmann cross KLM-10|ABPower

DCM-10A|Bussmann cross KLM-10|ABPower


Description :Discontinued, Bussmann cross reference part: KLM and PVM. Bussmann DC MIDGET FUSE 600VAC 600VDC 10AMP

Stock quantity(PCS) :0

Lead time ( Weeks ) :8

Categories:Bussmann fuse; Bussmann fast acting fuse; Ferrule fuse; Cylindrical fuse; Midget fuse.


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Important Note:

DCM series fuse is discontinued in Eaton Bussmann.

Bussmann fuse cross reference part #: KLM series fuse. Pls refer to Eaton official annoucement.

DCM Bussmann cross KLM.png

Related Photovotaic Fuse, Bussmann fuse cross reference: PVM series

Littelfuse cross reference part #: KLKD series

DCM fuse introduction:

Full range of miniature AC and DC fast fuses
Fuse for array protection / 1 / 10A to 30A 600Vac / dc DCM series / 10 x 38 mm

Product number:

DCM-1/10 DCM-1/8 DCM-2/10 DCM-1/4 DCM-3/10 DCM-1/2 DCM-3/4 DCM-1 DCM-1-1/4 DCM-1-1/2 DCM-2 DCM-2-1/2

DCM-3 DCM-4 DCM-5 DCM-6 DCM-7 DCM-8 DCM-9 DCM-10 DCM-12 DCM-15 DCM-20 DCM-25 DCM-30

Job category:Photovoltaic fast fuse
Fuse size:10x38mm
Fuse holder:- Open fuse blocks: BM Series, 3743
- Finger-safe fuse holders: OPM-NG-SC3, OPM-NG-SM3, OPM-
1038, CHMD Series
- Panel mount fuse holders: HPF Series, HPS Series, HPG & HPD,
HPM Series, HPC-D, HPS2 Series
Standard / Certification:l UL Listed STD 248-14 (File E19180, Guide JDYX)
l CSA Certified C22.2 NO 248.14 (Class 1422-01,File 53787)
Description:Full range of miniature AC and DC fast fuses
fuse for array protection
Package:MOQ: 10
100% recyclable packaging
Rated voltage:600Vac
Rated current:1/10-30A
Rated breaking capacity:100kA maximum at 600V AC
50 kA maximum at 600V DC
200% minimum rated current at 600V DC
Selection of PV fuses:Thin film batteries and 4 ”, 5” and 6 ”crystalline silicon batteries
Time constant:1-3ms

You can ask any Bussmann fuse and fuse cross reference.

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