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Mersen, Littelfuse, SIBA, Siemens fuses cross reference Bussmann.

170M2702 Bussmann semiconductor fuse

170M2702 Bussmann semiconductor fuse


Description :Bussmann fuse 160A 690V DIN 00 GR

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Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse


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170M — Square Body size 00 to 3, DIN 43620, fullrange (gR) 

690 Vac (IEC), 10 to 800 A 

Square body DIN 43653 blade high speed fuses. Full rangeprotection fuses provide both overload and short-circuit protection.Fuses come with Type T indicator for a microswitch. 


• Volts 690 Vac (IEC) 

• Amps 10-800 A 

• IR 200 kA RMS Sym. 

Operating class gR 

Agency information 

• Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 

• CE

Bussmann Ferraz ShawmutSiemens

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Bussmann fuse 32A 690V 000U/80 GR UC


Bussmann fuse 32A 690V 000TN/80 GR UC

Family fuses:

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170M1364Bussmann fuse 50A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1365Bussmann fuse 63A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1366Bussmann fuse 80A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1367Bussmann fuse 100A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1368Bussmann fuse 125A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1369Bussmann fuse 160A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1370Bussmann fuse 200A 690V 000/80 GR UC
170M1371Bussmann fuse 250A 690V 000/80 GR UC

Bussmann fuse 315A 690V 000/80 GR UC

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Mersen, Littelfuse, SIBA, Siemens fuses cross reference Bussmann.

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