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Bussmann fast acting fuse is hot in Bussmann fuse family.

EV fuse, Square body, BS88 fuse, Ferrule fuse, Cylindrical fuse, Midget fuse......

170M8645 Bussmann fuse 630amp 1000V

170M8645 Bussmann fuse 630amp 1000V


Description :170M8645 Bussmann square body fast acting fuse 3500amp 1000V;More Bussmann fast acting fuses are in ABPower_A fuse world!

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Categories:Fast acting fuse; Semiconductor fuse


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170M — Square Body size 1* to 3, DIN 43653 

690 Vac (IEC), 700 Vac (UL), 40 to 2000 A 

Square body DIN 43653 bolted tags high speed fuses, for theprotection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/ rectifiers and reduced rated voltage starters. Available with visualindicator, and Type K and T indicator for a microswitch. 


• Volts 

• 690 Vac (IEC)/700 Vac (UL) 

• 750 Vdc (UL, see catalog number table for specific fuses) 

• Amps 40-2000 A 

• IR 200 kA RMS Sym. 

Operating class aR 

Agency information 

• Designed and tested to IEC 60269 Part 4 

• UL Recognized, JFHR2*, E125085 

• CSA Class 53787, File 1422-30* 

• CCC except where noted 

• CE 

* Consult your Bussmann series product representative ABpower for status.

Bussmann FerrazSiemens

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Bussmann fuse 1000A 690V 3TN/110 AR UC

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170M6270Bussmann fuse 1800A 690V 3KN/110 AR UC
170M6271Bussmann fuse 2000A 690V 3KN/110 AR UC



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As Beam Electric Limited(Called: AB Power),Founded in Y2011.
We are 10 years distributors for Bussmann, Littlefuse, Eaton, ABB, Schneider, TE ,Molex, Weidmuller, Mitsubishi etc.
We are a solution provider focus on power electrical products.
AB Power provides immediate shipment of fuses,breakers, contactors, connectors etc from our extensive inventory.


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1, Most of us used to work in Bussmann, ABB, Eaton etc companies. Professional on selecting fuses/breakers to you;

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Bussmann fast acting fuse is hot in Bussmann fuse family.

EV fuse, Square body, BS88 fuse, Ferrule fuse, Cylindrical fuse, Midget fuse......

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